Sunday, July 31, 2016

Wool Work

I've prepped my Buttermilk Basin Vintage Mini Truck pattern in my own colors, pretty sure there was never a truck that color ever but it works for me.
 This is my next block for The Buttermilk Basin Mystery BOM 2016 and maybe some stitching will happen on it today.
 It's been hot in my sewing room this week and it actually reached almost 28C* on Friday and I really can't tolerate those kind of temperatures so I've not accomplished much I'm afraid.  Our condo is on the fourth floor of an older building and we face West...need I say more?
 I've replenished my 3/4" Hexagon papers so I'm back in business for my next trip which will be in the middle of August.  I'll be a guardian on the flight from here to Edmonton when I accompany our Granddaughters back to their parents after a couple of weeks with us.
Have a great Sunday everyone and I hope you have the opportunity to do anything that make your heart happy.