Tuesday, July 19, 2016

Showing off Victoria, BC to Bonnie Hunter and Irene

Bonnie Hunter and her good friend Irene stopped in Victoria for a few short hours last Thursday at the end of their Alaskan Quilt Cruise and after several texts back and forth we whisked her and Irene away for a quick visit to Butchart Gardens and Hatley Castle.  Check Bonnie's blog posts here and here to get an idea of the superb time that was had.  I think when Bonnie described visiting our beautiful city as... Victoria, "sigh" actually says it all and you must visit here to get the full effect of that statement.
Once off the Cruise ship we hurriedly made our way to Butchart Gardens through what we call the back roads which is not only scenic but through less traffic.
It's so interesting to see Butchart Gardens through the eyes of someone who has never visited before, we have season passes and are able to visit whenever we like so tend to forget the magnificence of this national treasure.

With Flower guide in hand we're off and I found myself as the time keeper because Bonnie needed to be back to the ship for a 3:15PM  meeting and we all know how fast those hours can go by.

 Here Diane tells Bonnie a story of her escapades as a young girl which involves a row boat, apples in  pant legs and Butchart Gardens and that's all I should say on that one!

We've arrived at a  local quilt shop, The Cloth Castle so Irene could pick up their Row By Row licence plate and what a great opportunity for a photo in front of some Vintage sewing machines displayed there.
Looking for that one special piece of fabric that makes one say "mine".
 Here's Natasha Cloutier with Bonnie and that fabric on the table is a neutral with umbrella's on it, how did I ever not see it before...good fabric sleuthing Irene.
 A quick photo at The Cloth Castle with from left to right, myself, Bonnie, Diane Smith (my quilty friend) and Natasha just before we headed over to Hatley Castle.
 It was a great few hours Bonnie and Irene, lets hope we can do this again, anytime.