Tuesday, August 28, 2012

A One Day Fibrations Festival

August 19 saw me wandering the Orchard  at St Anne's Academy where this years Fibrations Festival was held again this year.  Victoria can boost an amazing number of Fibre artists and this is the place where we can find them all together sharing their "knowledge and enthusiasm".  So if your heart skips a beat for luscious yarns, many things woolly and buttons galore this was the place to be.

 Fabulous knit patterns from Jane Richmond and yes I had to buy one but I wanted an easy one so hand warmers it was.
 I'm taking my second level knitting class from Rebecca - nook (http://inanook.blogspot.ca/) .  She is all things knitty and here is her booth.  I snagged a couple of her mug warmers and who knows, maybe one will show up in giveaway some day!

  I loved these hats, I think I was a hat fashionista in a previous life.
 Buy a ticket and you get to put your name into the bag to win that prize.

 Now isn't this a rainbow of goodness.

 If you can't find a button here, well then they just don't make it anywhere.

 Sure would love to know how to make this!

Our local Quilt Guild was also in attendance.
 So though I'm not a Fibre Fanatic I do appreciate what is out there and enjoy seeing people who enjoy their passion just as much as I do. I hope you can keep the creative juices flowing.


Monday, August 27, 2012

Red and White Quilt Challenge a Big Success

Well, the voters voted and  the winner of the Red and White Quilt Challenge at The Cloth Castle in Category 1 is.....
Miriam was the winner and this is no surprise.  She has been working on this 1930's style paper pieced quilt for a year and what a great job she did.   This gal hasn't been quilting for very long and this is her second first place win, she kicked butt at last years challenge too sew look out folks she keeps raising that bar.  Here are a few close ups of some of her blocks, I think she could teach a class on paper piecing, another sideline job for you Rogue, just saying.

Doesn't this make you red with envy, somehow my Farmer's Wife Sampler Blocks look so insignificant compared to this piecing.  And to add to her talent she also machine quilted this project all by herself, Booyah I say!  There were second and third place winners in the two categories so watch for the ribbons as I add a picture of all the quilts at the challenge.

Oh look, here is my quilt and though it wasn't a winner I still like my Churn Dashes

This quilt was the Viewer's Choice.
Here is another picture of Miriam's winning quilt with the paper pieced border, far too much work for this old dog!

Hopefully I didn't miss any and now don't forget there will be another Quilt Challenge next year and it will be tah dah ....Dresden Plate.  Be still my heart, I already have a Dresden Quilt top pieced but you know how that will end, I'll still be putting on the binding a week before the challenge!  Such is a quilter's life.  Off I go as my third batch of company arrives on Friday and I need to clean out the fridge, dust, do laundry, vacuum oh ya that's not until Friday so I can do all that Thursday night  because I have some quilting to do right!  Happy Dance!