Sunday, January 6, 2013

The story goes like this-your wife quilts right-yes she does-how about she makes a couple of quilts for my mom and dad-sure she can and even a couple of mug mats-great, thanks!  And there goes my selfish thought of quilting something for myself this month after the frenzy of Christmas quilting for everyone else.  This is the block I choose and they get duplicates with a different colored backing.  I don't know these people and they are an older couple and because he asked for two I'm thinking they have twin beds, not sure just thinking so!  It is called the Arrowhead block and works up really fast.

I did up three blocks while quilting with some friends last night and my sides are still aching from the laughter from Christmas escapades to father-in-law moments.  I'm off to spend an afternoon with another quilt buddy and this evening is the first installment of Downton Abbey, season 3. Tah tah folks!