Sunday, October 30, 2011

Thanks to Samelia's Mum

I won a giveaway awhile back on the Samelia's Mum blog and here is what she gifted me.  Thanks to another blogger The Rogue Quilter who alerted me to the fact that I had won.  Don't you just love other quilter's who "watch your back" just as she did for me.  Thanks Miriam you rock.   So here is a picture of my cute Moda Chrysalis charm pack.  Thanks Samelia's Mum it is just perfect.
I was excited to just even receive a package all the way from Australia. 
Well I feel that this charm pack should go to The Rogue Quilter, after all if it wasn't for her I would of missed knowing I won.  I don't always check back on giveaways because who thinks they really will win.  Don't you think she deserves it, I certainly do.  Being she lives and works in  my neck of the woods I'll hand deliver it to her.
Happy Sunday everyone.

GO! Halloween placemats

I wanted to bring Halloween placemats for my Grand daughters Maddy and Brooke when I visited them for 8 days this month (I just got back on Tuesday).  So I set up the GO! and got to work and this is what came from my antics.

I used both my Accuquilt GO! and Baby GO! for this project and it took no time at all to do.
So with these placemats, books, chocolate and other goodies I flew back to the Prairies to visit these little ladies.

Maddy and Brooke who live back in Saskatchewan are the love of my life are enjoying a cup of hot chocolate with the other love of my life, my hubby Dale who I will be married to for 36 years on the 1st of November.
They only use placemats on the oak table not on the breakfast bar in the kitchen, whew, don't want them to get in trouble with cocoa spills!

Wednesday, October 12, 2011

Now that was Fun!

A friend and I took a class called the Mexican Star yesterday at one of our local quilt shops and we were lucky enough to be the only two students in the class.  You know you are going to get great one on one with that ratio.  We were even able to get the main top pieced, how thrilling.  Take a peek at our project.

When you manage to get this far in a class you know that it won't be one of those UFO projects that you rediscover five years later in the bottom of your closet hidden away in a plastic container.

Isn't this a nice bit of goodness that I received in the mail the other day.  Found these online at great prices and though I support my local quilt shops quite well sometimes I do succumb to the odd great sale out there in cyberspace.
The little craft iron will be flying with me when I visit my Grand daughters next week.  I think it will be just perfect for them when they help Grandma Quilt, don't you?

I never find quilt related item when I shop our local thrift shops until this little beauty showed up on their shelf about a week ago.  Check out the price for a new ruler-$1.00.  Yes, life is good. 

 So, off I go with coffee and computer in hand (my son from Vancouver hooked my computer up so I can now watch TV programs on it) to settle in for a day of quilting at home.

Thursday, October 6, 2011

Christmas isn't that far away

I'm not even going to start doing the Christmas countdown but I do know that when I "dug" out a Christmas project that I had started last year and not finished, OK I know I'm not the only one out there so don't shake your head with disgust because guess what?  I was further along with it than I thought.  Sometimes ignorance is bliss and by gosh I'm feeling a lot of bliss today.  When I was deciding on what to take for our quilt day on the Gorge my rummaging unearthed this project which was quietly saying pick me, pick me.  So here is the bagged evidence now in the running to be completed for Christmas.  Any bets?   
 What a bunch of bagged goodness.
This picture is of what I worked on today and will end up being Half Square triangles for the pieced border.  I really still like these colors, good thing because I'm not changing them now.
So keep posted and cheer me on because a little bit of  go-go-go will only help me reach the finish line.

Tuesday, October 4, 2011


Well, today at Quilter's Club I was admonished for my inconsistency in my blogging and yes, I am guilty as charged.  Laziness, lack of useful information, bashful, hmm what could it be?  I think I have been keeping so busy doing all the blog hops that I felt I was spending far too much time on the computer and not enough time on my quilting and  didn't allow the time I should for my personal blogging.  Perhaps I try too hard to entertain and felt that I had nothing that would keep you on your toes.  Nah-just lazy!  My pledge is to do better and keep my Quilting Club girls happy and with that sit back and enjoy a few pictures that I took this morning of our October Quilt Club.  You know there is a waiting list to be at this monthly club.  Bribery isn't even an option!

It's a happy and enthusiastic group and by gosh I plan on keeping my membership paid up or I'll be the one with my nosed pressed to the window standing on the outside looking in with tears rolling down my cheeks, I think you get it!
Quilting is not just a hobby, it is a way of life for me at least and whew good thing I took that fork in the road.