Tuesday, March 26, 2013

Gift from ABroad

Here is a sweet giveaway I won awhile ago from Susan over at Canadian Abroad, a handmade pouch.  There is something really special about receiving a handmade gift, so many thanks Susan for taking time out of your busy life to make this and send it to me.  I've never received anything from overseas and it was even fun to see the stamp, I know simple things for simple minds!
 I finished piecing my MIL's birthday quilt yesterday and it's already to be sent out to get machine quilted.  Here is a picture of the top and sorry for the wrinkled look, almost as many wrinkles on the top as my face has.
You know how you think it will be a certain size and then it grows, well this is what happened with this one.  I was shooting for a lap size but thinking now it will fit three laps so great for sharing if you're so inclined that way.  All the fabric came from a fellow quilter who had a de-stashing sale so I felt good using it from my stash.

Now onto my Grandson's Grad quilt and I'm leaning towards the batiks because of the fabric durability because I know this quilt is going to see some rough treatment, not intentionally of course but that is just the reality of the age and gender.
So do you think the colors are OK?   I'm worried it is too feminine with the lighter purples?  I want your honest opinion so don't hold back.

I'm feeling pretty good today so thinking this cold is on the downswing but must think of Easter grocery shopping as our son from Vancouver is going to be here for the long weekend.  We always enjoy his visits which I'm sure will include a trip to the Tommy Hilfiger outlet store and a couple of book stores here in Victoria, Bolen Books and Munroe's Books.

 Now to find a suitable pattern for this Graduation quilt, so have a great Tuesday and may it be a creative one!

Prayers to Mark Lipinski as he is undergoing his Kidney transplant surgery today and to his donor Mary.