Wednesday, June 6, 2012

Until we meet again

I usually don't like to wish away the days, especially at my age but I can't wait until September when Quilt Club resumes.  Yesterday was the last day for a fun morning of inspiration and show and share at a local quilt shop, Cloth Castle for the summer.   Thanks to Natasha for heading this monthly quilty morning of goodness.  She also has her own blog and you can go here and check it out.

I have just a few pictures from yesterday to share of what our local quilters have been creating so get your towel because I guarantee you'll be drooling!

 I really try to get you a great picture but where I sit that's not always possible but this is a cute panel.

This was a type of paper piecing, isn't it stunning.

 This was made for a young boy who isn't living a perfect childhood and his love of pirates.

Hand Knitted socks, you can never go wrong with these as a gift.

 Now this is a cute apron made by Grace, not scared of this Ladybug.

Also done by Grace at a quilt retreat, I'm a Batik lover. are you?

 Alice made this train quilt for her husband and it has fabric in it she has collected from their many travels.

This is the backside of the train quilt, it has that Homespun feeling, lucky husband.

A Bargello quilt another pattern I have on my bucket list.

 A cute bag, one can never have too many bags, at least that is what I tell my husband.

These next quilts are what I call Friendship quilts and have been worked on by a group of quilting buddies.

 Marg has joined a group that does beading and appliqueing and this is some flowery goodness she has created.

Some quilters are shy with their talent and Linda wasn't going to show this but with a little arm twisting from Natasha she agreed to share this with the rest of us.  We're sure glad she did and Linda you must never hide this talent from the rest of us.

This is the back of the quilt, swoon time.

 A Yellow Brick road cutie, you can never go wrong with this pattern.

Don't you just love these pinwheels,  look fast before they roll away.

 Ah, some child will be lucky to wear this.

Diamonds everywhere and yes, this is priceless too!

These are those handy dandy armchair pincushions and catch-alls.

 I love.... this pattern and was excited to see it done up!  I have it and now I'm just going to have to get it done.

 This quilt was made from scraps by Judy and don't you love these kinds of leftovers and no calories.

An apron for a cat-lover.

Here is a back view and it involves cupcakes, yummy!

Carol does exquisite work and this was no exception.

Diane has a fabulous sewing machine and this is a sampling of what she has done with it, be still my heart.

 The thread work is to die for.

Another project done by Judy using up her scraps.

I finally have a picture of my show and share.

This is my Whoopsy Daisy quilt and hope one of my Grand daughters will claim it.

This is another closeup of Char's quilt guess I have a little quilt envy.

Also a picture of Diane with her beauty.  Can you believe she has only been quilting for a couple of years, I thought not.

This was a quick snap of the club project and Natasha said she stepped out of her comfort zone by doing it in pinks and I think she was very successful, don't you.   And that is another Quilt Club season and so now you know why I wish for September to come soon.
 I also apologize if I missed anyone's projects but I really only do my best.

Happy Quilting everyone and don't forget to shop local as our quilt shops need our support.  Here in Victoria, BC  we have some excellent stores along with the Cloth Castle fuel our passions, Bib N Tucker, Satin Moon Quilted Garden and The Calico Cupboard.