Saturday, January 21, 2012


I have an obsession with the Twister and now it has become a sickness which I call Twisteritis.
Here is what 8 squares of fabric left over from a charm pack look like.  I knew there was a Twister something in there and not to let sleeping dogs lie....

This may be a Christmas charm pack but it's looking more like New Year's Twisteritis.
These cute little squares are being readied for action and believe me it was hard work.  I even had to kick off my shoes to get the job done. Ouch, more Twisteritis on the horizon.  Look out Pacific Blue Cross, I'll be making a health claim pretty soon.

Needing to satisfy my mug mat urge which comes over me not near as often as those awful hot flashes, I did a little something up for a Rogue and with the help of my Slice Fabrique it has a Valentine's feel.

I hope you all can spend a little time this weekend on your Quilty Pleasures but beware, there may be a strain of Twisteritis out there lurking in your future too. 

Sunday, January 15, 2012

A Six Pack Arrives

Not just your average six pack but a Joanna Figueroa collection sent by Kathleen Gansert from NY.  My number was picked in Katie Q's giveaway and this is what I received this week via a neighbor.  Our not so reliable postal worker put it in their mailbox by mistake and so they were kind enough to hand deliver it to me rather than just mark the package wrong box!  Thank goodness for honest people.
Thanks Kathleen I will do my best to quilt up something to make you proud!
So with that in mind it's time to make my way to my most favourite room in my home, my sewing room.  Happy Sunday and I sure hope the snow melts that showed up over night so that I have a safe drive to the airport to pick up my hubby.  

Tuesday, January 10, 2012

Back In The Saddle Again

Back from the Prairies after 3 weeks with family and I am so happy to be home.  What I missed most of course is my quilting.  I have a dear quilting friend back in Alberta who I worked with for 15 years. We also got the quilting bug together and though I moved to Victoria we still keep in contact and I miss her terribly.  This was my surprise gift from her and what a surprise. She is pretty sneaky as she showed me this round table topper at her home and of course I just fell in love with it.  Well guess what I received from her for Christmas, yes it was this beauty.

She knows how much I like coffee fabrics and the color lime green, well this round table topper has them both so thanks CJ you are awesome. 

Christmas is put away and house cleaned so today is my day and that means quilt, quilt, quilt.