Sunday, June 24, 2012

Yesterday was a fun day, a trip to Sydney on the fly and after a quick peek at my Favourite thrift store I was lucky to find a big handful of wool thread to put in my stash.  With a 2 hr stroll through their boutique and one of a kind shops we headed back to Victoria.  We took a swing by Oldfield Bakery which is part of a farm on the Old West Saanich road for their Cinnamon buns.  To us that is the start of summer.  And did you know if you buy six buns instead of  two you don't have to pay tax,  hmm could that be the way they sell more?!  We couldn't even leave the Oldfield parking lot until we devoured a cinnamon bun between the two of us but to our defense they were still warm from the oven.  You know you would too!

After our return I turned to my quilting and worked on more of my Dresden plate project and boy am I having fun with these. Yes, this is another one of my WIP that is getting my undivided attention and what fun and look how cute they are.  I can't wait to add this to my finished stack but I'm not sure what to do around the individual blocks, will have to ponder awhile on that.

This is from the Sunkissed line and the colors are just perfect for this time of year though the sun part hasn't really shown itself yet so far but I have hopes.

This is my first attempt using the Embroidery part of my Berenina 830 LE.  I took my first lesson this past Wednesday and nervously the following day stitched these out.  All I can say is I'm hooked but the only trouble now is I'm going to have to start a thread and Embroidery design collection.  Whew, glad I have a decent fabric stash because now I'll  have to work on the latter and the thread isn't cheap so I'll be on the lookout for good deals.  Hope you all have a great Sunday and may you enjoy it in your own special way.