Sunday, February 12, 2012

Quilt Club didn't disappoint

Tuesday saw the start of Quilt Club for 2012 and it didn't disappoint.  Thanks to Doreen from Duncan for giving me the nudge as I was so excited to see what everyone was doing that I forgot to pull out my camera to get all the quilty goodness on record.  So here is most (I hope) of what was brought for Show and Tell that morning.

Sorry this is so blurry Doreen but what a fab job you did.

This quilt was hand stitched and is just stunning.  Carol said it took her about 13 months to do it and all I can say is wow.

Love these Prairie Points, gonna make me some and it might be out of red and white fabric, just saying.
Hey, that's mine.  I usually forget to take pictures of my show and share because I'm always busy telling a story about my contribution to the morning and let me tell you there always is a yarn!

These are knitted wool felted slippers and Myrna said they are really easy to do.  She is going to show some of us next week how to do them.  I'm not a great knitter but she said it's so easy we'll see.  I even bought some Bamboo knitting needles for this project and wow they sure aren't cheap.  Do you think they'll make me a better knitter?

For those of us who forgot what these looked like it's a diaper, so cute.  I just had a scary flashback thinking of the days before Pampers and I seen a lot of those days I'll tell you.

This quilt of mine was machine quilted by Carol , a quilt shop owner in Vermillion, Alberta.  The shop is called Extraordinary Extras and is a great gem along the Yellowhead Highway in Alberta so if you ever get a chance to visit it you'll not be disappointed. 

Well there was a bit of quilting, a bit of knitting and even a homemade diaper thrown into the mix so hope you enjoyed Cloth Castle's quilt club show and tell because as always I sure did.  So I'm  off to try and find some wool thread to start one of my wool projects, wish me luck!