Friday, June 10, 2011

Pillowcases for my Girls

My daughter-in-law, Teri asked me to make some pillowcases for the camper for my Granddaughters Maddy and Boo(Brooke).  The colors are fun and I hope they think of me after a long day of playing and swimming at the lake.
The bottom picture is of a table runner I made for Teri.
It was from a kit she picked out.  What drew her to it was the well loved look.
From my heart to theirs. 

Sampler Quilt is on!

Since there was no rain in the forecast I decided to start The Farmer's Wife Sampler Quilt.  That was on Wednesday and once it was all organized I ended up with one block and this is it.

#1 is Attic Window

I wasn't happy with it so I plowed it under.

There is a difference believe me.

I managed to do a few more.

This is #2 Autumn Tints

This is #3 called Basket

I still need to hand stitch the handle down

Basket Weave is #4

I am working on #5 Bat Wing and because it has been years since I've done Foundation Piecing it's driving me you know what!

Wish me luck.