Saturday, June 25, 2011

Go! Instructions are simple

I wanted to try my hand at giving a Go! demonstration using one of my newly acquired dies. 
The die I will demo is the Quarter Square-4" Finished Triangle.

The first thing to do when you get a new die is to outline the blade area.
This will help to position your fabric on the die.
Once you have chosen your fabric colors cut strips 11 1/2" wide across the width of your fabric.
Give them both a press.

You can fan fold your fabric to lay it on the die or just cut strips.
The fabric then can be placed on the die to cut.  Cut your fabric on the straight of grain to reduce distortion.

 I was going to use my Baby Go! but switched over to the regular Go! (the one my hubby bought me for my Birthday).  Yes I am pretty spoiled but in a good way.

Look at this delightful pile-oh-la-la and with the dogears already cut off.  So sweet and time saving.

You now can sew right sides together.  Match the two lighter fabrics and the two darker fabrics in pairs. Remember you are dealing with raw bias edges so handle carefully.

Chain piece wherever you can, it does save time and thread. 

Make sure to press your seams as you go.  Lock those babies together!

Press seams open towards the darker fabric.

Your pairs can now be joined into an Hourglass unit.  Once again set your seams then press open.
Continue this process until you have Four Hourglass units made.

We're at the home stretch.  Sew your Hourglass blocks together in pairs, press the seams, then join the pairs together to make a block.

As you can see I do pin to match my seams and still hope for the best.

Press seams to set then open your block and press it.
Now wasn't that super easy and the time you save cutting using the Go! machine is phenomenal (big word).
You can get all the details off of the instruction page when you purchase the die.  Have fun, it is easy peasy (too much Jaime Oliver).

I cut some more Triangles and then cut some more and then....... well I did make a little project using the Quarter Square-4" Finished Triangle die, the Go! Strip Cutter-1 1/2" and from my Value die, the 2 1/2" square.  Can you see where I used what? 

Also visit the AccuQuilt site and browse to your hearts content.  There is a wealth of knowledge freely given so indulge yourself.

May there be an AccuQuilt in your future!

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