Wednesday, February 19, 2014

Funny Shapes

An I'm not talking about my body but I do have a secret to tell so keep your ear close now...I've lost 10 lbs. Shh, I'm looking to lose another 10 so lets just keep this between you and me OK.
The funny shape I'm talking about is this pair of slippers that will be felted soon.  This is my first attempt at said knitting project so I'm very excited to have them down to my size soon.
See  how one is bigger than the other, well that's just my inconsistent knitting tension but that will work out because I have one foot a half size larger  than the other which is my Mom's fault.  Once they get felted they'll be awesome.
Also did a couple of more Owls In The Hoop and hope to make a couple more as they'll be gifts for my Grand daughters plus a couple on hand for gifts if I need something really quick. They need to be stuffed yet so that's a project to do while watching the Tellie.
Hope you are keeping warm or cold or somewhere in between depending on where you live.