Saturday, August 3, 2013

My Head Is Swimming

July has been one of the busiest months for me on the learning side.  I've participated in several software and computer classes relative to my Husqvarna Ruby and now my head seems to be swimming and I fear I may be drowning.  But as I come up for air occasionally I know that repetition is the way to succeed in my case so that is the direction I need to go now.  Though it's tough to teach old dogs new tricks I now realize it can be done, slowly.
I'm pleased to say I have another finish for July and it was The Charm Tote Bag which was a class by Natasha at one of our local quilt shops, The Cloth Castle.  What was great is that I finished this project all in one day albeit a long day but I knew I wasn't going to stop until it was done.
 I used my Jumbo Wonder Clips to hold everything in place so I could topstitch the opening down and they worked great.

So here is the finished product which will be part of a Christmas present for my DIL.  I'll be able to add lots of smaller gifts inside and because it was made out of Laurel Birch Christmas fabrics it will be just perfect for the season.