Wednesday, September 12, 2012

Hooterville at Club

Though I won't use the Hooterville picture because it would be disrespectful of a certain Ms N it certainly got laughs when I took a picture of an Owl that was going to be appliqued displayed on someones ahem - chest, Hooterville, chest, yikes, time to stop .  Now to post pictures of the first Quilt Club of the season at one of our local quilt shops, The Cloth Castle.
This was a close up of a Red and White quilt done by a gal named Marilyn who is a very busy lady  but made time to hand stitch the quilt that she had displayed at the R and W challenge last month.Marilyn is very involved with the Quilts of Valor program here on Vancouver Island, very commendable.
It's not just about quilting and we have some very talented knitters that attend this morning also.
Cute pouch that use the mechanical yellow metal tape measure inside for a snappy closure.  grace also made her own Filo buttons for the embellishment and she tells us they really are very simple to make.
I'm not sure if you can see the beads that were knit into this scarf but they are there and add a sweet bling to this project.
A Dresden plate class that used a type of stack and wack method on the plates.  Looks pretty together to me, no cracks in the look of it but certainly an effective style.
 This yoyo bunny would be a fun project  for my Grand daughters, they could yoyo all day long!
 This was a friendship quilt and these friends had a blast putting them together
 Love these bags and the color way is super fun.
 Soooo, Maureen didn't like the front of her friendship quilt but preferred the back which is below.  Well Maureen, love it or not we are glad you shared it with us.
Another great quilt and leaning towards the Autumn colors.
 Placemats that would be welcome on my dining table anytime.
 Another friendship quilt, well done ladies.
 This is a quilt made from the nightwear of a Mom which was constructed into a memory quilt for the daughters.  Make's your heart happy just to hear the story.

 Here is a Grandson's 1st Birthday Quilt and you know he is going to love the Dinosaurs for sure.
 Such a fun bag and what a neat idea to applique this magnificent elephant on it.
 Here is a quilt made for Kids with Cancer and how happy they'll be to receive this gesture of love and support.
 Another K for C quilt.
Another quilt that will make some child's days brighter wrapped in love.
 Remember the Ryder birthday quilt, well this is for Ryder's sibling to be.  Mom will be a busy gal for sure.
 This quilt was constructed out of jellyrolls and has a name for it but I'm drawing a blank here.

 Knit scarf for a Christmas gift, boy someone is getting an early start.

 Here is my own plug, my Dresden quilt from last months challenge and it looks not bad from a distance!
 Here is the Hooterville applique and no chest in sight.
 This a sweet cross stitch project, all hand done.

This is a vintage quilt Natasha bought at Sister's in Oregon this summer.  So happy to know someone is going to love it all over again.

 A close up, there is some hand stitching and machine stitching in there, love it.

 This is a class offered at the Cloth Castle next month and yes I'm signed up and though fabric isn't bought for it I already know who it's going too when finished.  I've never done a Bargello so keeping my fingers crossed but the instructor Rachelle Q. will keep us on track for sure.
 These two sock monkeys are sew cute and are the being offered in the first Christmas Creative Class.  No fooling around here folks.

 Another class I've signed up for and think it can be done for Christmas, how many more days left?!!!

 And another Christmas Class, yikes maybe I can get Santa to come later in January,oops that's Ukrainian Christmas right, well works for me!

 This was a Mystery Quilt from around three years ago and I do have the fabric bought for that.  I'm starting to panic, time to get off this computer and get cracking the whip or needle threaded.
 Will be doing this in the Embroidery class on Saturday which will be my first class using my 830 Bernina, please send good vibes my way OK!

This is a brilliant quilt done by Diane S on her Husqvarna Diamond Embroidery machine, she has done many!

Well there it is ladies and gents, another great start to September and time to put the foot to the peddle, hope you enjoyed the fun we had.

Tuesday, September 11, 2012


Where were you when the world stood still?  Remembering all those who lost their lives then and thereafter.