Wednesday, December 5, 2012

Last Quilt Club for 2012

What fun it's been and what great show and share we've seen but we'll have to wait until February, 2013 for the next Quilt club at Cloth Castle and our ever inspiring Natasha who gets us motivated every month to be the best we can be.
This room of quilters, knitters and crafter's are what keep me energized and eager to create everyday.
Enjoy these photos and I hope they are the nudge you need to finish that long list of Christmas gifts you so lovingly make for your family and friends every year.

Pretty sweet right and they all were so much fun to see and even touch, yes they are passed around  so we all can enjoy the project close up and personal! 
February seems so far away but patience is a virtue so I'll try to keep that quilting Mojo going strong so I'll be able to have a few more quilts to share with my Quilt clubbers. 
Here is my finished project from Christmas Cafe which is a get together that happens once a month.  I did most of it on my Embroidery machine and the hearts were sewn on by hand.  I'm pretty pleased with the end result.  I was asked who I'm giving it to because we all know that very little we keep for ourselves and I don't have anyone particular in mind.  This led to a discussion as to whether we as quilters, knitters, etc should always feel that our projects should be gifted or not.  Does the recipient appreciate the time and effort you put into your quilt, etc and will they love and take care of what you so lovingly created?   Do we let it go and know that it may be openly displayed with pride of new ownership or end up on the floor of a closet?  Let me tell you it does hurt to see a hand embroidered wall hanging lay on the floor in a basement closet.  What do you all think, I'm interested in hearing your thoughts too.