Tuesday, August 21, 2012

Hubby's In Big Trouble

I thought when I said don't close my "stuff " on the computer hubby would understand the meaning of that statement but apparently not.  So after he was done on Facebook he closed "everything" off and happily left.  Myself not so happy, especially when I found out he with the strike of a key erased an hour of blog posting.  So I will once again try to getter done as it has been a month of travelling, family fun and more visitors.  I had titled the earlier post Happiness is - but of course thanks to you know who the title was changed.

Here are a few photos from  a class I took earlier at Cloth Castle, this bag can be used for make-up or for sewing supplies as the Rogue Quilter did with hers (closer inspection of her bag will reveal pink hearse fabric).  Natasha, the gal standing was our instructor for the class.
Diane with her nose to the grindstone.  She was very serious that day which is very unlike her, :) 
Not allowed to take a picture of Janice so this is the most she would give me.  Ok bird lady maybe next time you can show you eyes.
Miriam and myself with our finished project-yes you heard it right, a finish!  See she already has her filled.  Mine will go to my daughter-in-law Teri for Christmas as she appreciates anything handmade.
I had a great visit with my family back in Saskatchewan a week ago and after my return I've been busy with out of province company.  My niece is here now, just a couple of days after my brother and his wife left.  She is off to  see the RBC Museum today so I will try to make some headway in my sewing room.  After dinner we are taking her to Butchart Gardens and staying until dusk so she can enjoy the gardens lite up at night, spectacular!  But before that I want to show you some of the fun I had back in Saskatchewan swimming with the fishes aka Maddy and Boo.
Pancake breakfast hot off the BBQ, OMG you haven't lived until you had this breakfast!
Grandma on towel detail.
Nachos off the BBQ, yes another delicious meal, though I'm not a beer drinker the weather was the perfect temperature for a cool one if you are so inclined.
Boo celebrated her 6th Birthday while I was visiting and what a celebration. The birthday girl requested a pancake breakfast, notice the candle and balloons.  Her Mom, Teri knows how to make her girls feel very special indeed.
This was at the foot of my bed when Boo came down the morning of her birthday, a tea set that belonged to Papa when he was little (I guess they did those things in his day).  Anyways I set it up the night before so that she could see it when she came down in the morning.  We had many a tea party while I was there.
The birthday girl all dressed for her big day.
A Barbie cake that Mommy made the night before and what a great job she did!
We also did some apple picking in their backyard and what a bucket load of apples!
Hanging like grapes but eventually they were turned into apple butter, apple crisp and a yummy chunky apple sauce for the cold winter months.
Brooke enjoying a biscuit she helped me make, she loves to help in the kitchen and she was a big help on our apple day!
Maddy has a creative soul, just like her Gramm and she can be found cutting, gluing, coloring, etc. This is an outfit she created from tulle and dedicated it to Papa because he couldn't be there for this visit.  Her tiara was from Alcan foil, I told you she was a creative genius! I just loved it, a girl after my own heart!
I finished the 10th anniversary quilt and it is now on their bed and I couldn't be more pleased with the end result.
When I was putting on the binding of this quilt while I was there I received  a call from a BBF who has the quilting disease, which we contracted at the same time.  She wanted to know if I would like to tag along to a quilt shop, Extraordinary Extras with her where she had to pick up two quilts that they had machine quilted.  Not having to be asked twice I was off like a shot and here we are after a couple of hours in the shop.  Notice how little my package is, yes I was a good girl!
Time to grab a cuppa Joe and head off to my "Happy Place" and my hope is that everyone has that same luxury today!