Tuesday, December 13, 2011

Quilt 'Til You Wilt

It was QTYW this past Saturday at one of our local quilt shops, The Cloth Castle.  I originally missed out but was able to buy a spot from another gal who couldn't make it.  She did end up coming though and that's another story.  All I can say is we quilters will beg, borrow or buy back a spot to attend this night of quilting, laughter and of course eating!
 I bought a charm pack from a Victoria Quilt Guild garage sale a couple of years ago.  I knew the colors would be the bomb for a friend's kitchen.  I started the project at home and pieced it at QTYW.
 Yesterday I finished quilting it and yes it is a twister pattern, oh sew cute!
I stayed up way too late to sew down the binding last night but I wanted it finished.  Look how pretty she is, just strutting her stuff.  

I had to add this picture of one of my fellow quilters who recently just bought a new Diamond Deluxe sewing machine.  That smile is frozen on her face and I totally understand why.
Look what also wanted to be a part of the evening fun.
You never know who or what will show up.
So off to my happy room and I just have to show you the  new lights that were installed in my quilting room.  When the electrician seen the lights he was to put up he asked me if I was sure these were the ones I really wanted up there.  I knew he thought they are butt ugly and yes they are but as I told him I want good lighting not good looks.  He just shook his head and I laughed, I didn't want pretty and I sure didn't get pretty but look at all that light-no shadows.

Hope you have time to do what you love today.

Wednesday, December 7, 2011

Another inspiring day at Quilt Club

To save time I think today I'll just post pictures from quilt Club at CC yesterday.  If I missed any show and share I apologize.  Please grab a cup of joe and enjoy.

 Hope you all enjoyed the show!