Wednesday, April 4, 2012

Shout out for those who do giveaways

Yes, many thanks to those who do giveaways.  Some of us don't have sponsors and the onus is on us personally to put together a worthwhile giveaway and then there is the cost of postage.  I was a winner of a giveaway by Tanesha, Crafty Garden Mom which was the book Cozy Modern Quilts.  Thanks so much Tanesha, it's a cool and very doable quilting book.
It cost just under $13.00 US to mail this so it certainly adds to the cost of the giveaway.  Tanesha also has a great Podcast that I listen to called the Crafty Garden Mom on I-Tunes so check her out.  There are also other great Podcaster's out there so give them a listen too as I find they are not only great inspirations but you feel like you have a friend in the room with you when you listen to them.
I've been working on my Red and White quilt this last while and it is coming along pretty good, but no pictures until after the show, gotta keep it top secret you know.   I've worked on some of my wool applique too but still not sure I'm on the right track but I'll let Sweet P take a look and she can say yeah or nay.

Hubby and I took in the local Ukrainian  Cultural Centre's Easter celebration this past Sunday.
 Painted Easter Eggs for sale, ohh so pretty.
 Pottery and other artifacts.
 Beautiful crosstitch on a tablecloth.
 Bread scultpures
 More cross stitch.
Painting Ukrainian Easter eggs, time consuming and they can be very intricate.
Well, Survivor is on so time to make a bee line to see who wins immunity tonight.
Keep on quilting or doing what you love to do.