Thursday, September 15, 2011

A little finish but oh so cute

Yes, I finally had a finish.  Quilter's club at Cloth Castle on Tuesday warranted a finish, after all it's been over two months since we all met so I needed  to bring a show and tell that I had actually finished.  So at 10:30 PM on Monday night I started a little project that included bead embellishment which I'm not very adept at but I completed it.
She's pretty cute and I'm going to say this real quiet but she's going to be stuck full of pins.  

Here are pictures of a few projects from the talented members of the club.  We are Cloth Castle groupies and let me tell you there is a waiting list to be one!

 This is done on an embroidery hoop and the front is as pretty as the back.
Great job Grace.
Cloth Castle is bringing a gal to teach Knitting and this is one of her projects.
 Now that is a sweet scarf and has a little sparkle.
Grace did this cute pin holder for the arm of the couch.  I made one last year and it sure has come in handy.
This is a placemat done in my colors but alas it doesn't belong to me.

 Sweet P is working on this Tumbler quilt done in civil war fabrics
Another Sweet P quilt (without the mustard).  She'll have to tell you that story.
 This was the mystery quilt from awhile back and I have the fabric for mine but it is still in the planning stages.  Yes, OK, I haven't even got it cut out.

I've fell in love with wool and seeing this only made my heart grow fonder.
 Now Ann loves her chickens and this is mighty cute and you don't even have to feed these ones.
A kaleidoscopic Dresden, now isn't that a neat idea.
And here is the new CC knitting instructor.  What a talented young lady and she admitted she has a yarn obsession, but we all know about obsessions don't we.
What fun we had and I hope you enjoyed it too.