Thursday, August 13, 2015

One Step Ahead, Two Back

This has been my quilting life this past 6 months with the ever present neck and shoulder issues so still little to no sewing for me.  The latest is my physiotherapist is now looking at sending me to a pain specialist in this area so keeping my fingers crossed this next step will be what breaks the cycle of pain.
On the bright side the knitting is coming along quite well, who knew I'd be one of those gals that carry her knitting needles everywhere she goes but I do and I'm feeling quite smug about it but don't look too close alright.
There is a shop hop at the present going on here on  Vancouver Island with many Quilt Shops participating and yesterday I made my way to The Cloth Castle to view the quilt made by Natasha for said Hop.
Modern in tone using Kona Cottons, well done Natasha, I'd snuggle under that any day of the week wouldn't you?  As you can see though I haven't been quilting I'm confidant I'll get back to it some day so with that in mind I'm keeping the economy of the local quilt shops going with a few random purchases.  While at Cloth Castle yesterday I snagged 2 charm packs of my favourite Tula Pinks fabric line which is Elizabeth.  Some fabric lines call our name more than others and I heard this one loud and clear.
Enjoy your Wednesday everyone.