Friday, November 20, 2015

Photo Heavy, 40th Anniversary and Kismet Quilts

Spending a glorious 4 days at the Pacific Sands Resort just outside of Tofino, Vancouver Island, BC for our 40th Wedding Anniversary at the beginning of November.

 40 years with this fella and looks like he's not too sure about this being captured on film but I'll forgive him.
The view outside our room and the pounding of the waves was non-stop and I loved it,

 Port Alberni has the sweetest quilt shop called Kismet Quilts and I found some treasures, of course and their prices were very reasonable.

 Guess what I spied and they still use this sweetheart and why wouldn't they, right.

 I just love this pincushion and the pattern came from a magazine a few years ago they said but really I think one could create something close to it.

 A pink Gammel and it was being put to work so not just another pretty face.
 Oh yes, there are more vintage lovelies and I couldn't help but click away.

 Yes, that about sums it up but who doesn't love doing this in any quilt shop.  Thanks for letting me do just that Kismet quilts.
 So that ends our getaway and believe me it doesn't feel like 40 year of marriage though the wrinkles on my face say it's so but life is good and I wouldn't change a thing.

Saturday, October 24, 2015

Keeping Busy

I've been enjoying The Galloping Goose Trail lately with some of the best Autumn weather, look at those leaves which in many places totally covered the path.
 There also has been some piecing and I can't wait until I get these blocks together and be able to say I've finally made a quilt top after all these months.  
Neck, shoulder and headache issues still plague me but I relish the time when I can sneak in some quilting.
Until next time, have a great weekend everyone.

Monday, September 21, 2015

Fall is here

We are well into September, actually there's not much left of it but today is a special day for my Mom because today is my Birthday.  Really, I was told after 4 boys when I came along there was much fan fare but I don't remember any of it of course though I enjoyed hearing the stories of all the excitement a little black haired girl brought.

Still very little quilting going on but I do an hour here or an hour there. I've decided to work on Celtic Solstice and this is my cutting from a couple of weeks ago and there're actually some blocks made now.
I had a request from my Mom to make her some bibs.  She lives in a Seniors Lodge and she has trouble with her hands now and therefore meal times are an ordeal.  So when we were back visiting her I constructed 6 bibs of enormous length at least it seemed like that to me but she wanted them to cover her lap also so they did double duty.
Yes, I'm working on the pull out of a computer table at my son's home and that surface bounced around for every stitch that machine made but I got them done, not a professional job but fortunately she's not fussy.  This is my Mom's old Kenmore and I use it whenever there is a sewing project and it works just grand, thanks Mom.  It's kept at my son's home where we stay whenever we're back in Lloydminster.

I've done some biking with friends when my shoulders and neck seem to be behaving themselves and have really enjoyed exploring different parts of our city, especially the coffee shops along the way.
I've no special plans today, maybe a lunch out and then we're going bike rack shopping for my birthday gift.  I want one for a single bike which I hope will be much lighter for me to attach to our vehicle.  Anything to save my shoulders these day it seems.

 Have a great day everyone.

Thursday, August 13, 2015

One Step Ahead, Two Back

This has been my quilting life this past 6 months with the ever present neck and shoulder issues so still little to no sewing for me.  The latest is my physiotherapist is now looking at sending me to a pain specialist in this area so keeping my fingers crossed this next step will be what breaks the cycle of pain.
On the bright side the knitting is coming along quite well, who knew I'd be one of those gals that carry her knitting needles everywhere she goes but I do and I'm feeling quite smug about it but don't look too close alright.
There is a shop hop at the present going on here on  Vancouver Island with many Quilt Shops participating and yesterday I made my way to The Cloth Castle to view the quilt made by Natasha for said Hop.
Modern in tone using Kona Cottons, well done Natasha, I'd snuggle under that any day of the week wouldn't you?  As you can see though I haven't been quilting I'm confidant I'll get back to it some day so with that in mind I'm keeping the economy of the local quilt shops going with a few random purchases.  While at Cloth Castle yesterday I snagged 2 charm packs of my favourite Tula Pinks fabric line which is Elizabeth.  Some fabric lines call our name more than others and I heard this one loud and clear.
Enjoy your Wednesday everyone.