Sunday, July 31, 2016

Wool Work

I've prepped my Buttermilk Basin Vintage Mini Truck pattern in my own colors, pretty sure there was never a truck that color ever but it works for me.
 This is my next block for The Buttermilk Basin Mystery BOM 2016 and maybe some stitching will happen on it today.
 It's been hot in my sewing room this week and it actually reached almost 28C* on Friday and I really can't tolerate those kind of temperatures so I've not accomplished much I'm afraid.  Our condo is on the fourth floor of an older building and we face West...need I say more?
 I've replenished my 3/4" Hexagon papers so I'm back in business for my next trip which will be in the middle of August.  I'll be a guardian on the flight from here to Edmonton when I accompany our Granddaughters back to their parents after a couple of weeks with us.
Have a great Sunday everyone and I hope you have the opportunity to do anything that make your heart happy.

Tuesday, July 19, 2016

Showing off Victoria, BC to Bonnie Hunter and Irene

Bonnie Hunter and her good friend Irene stopped in Victoria for a few short hours last Thursday at the end of their Alaskan Quilt Cruise and after several texts back and forth we whisked her and Irene away for a quick visit to Butchart Gardens and Hatley Castle.  Check Bonnie's blog posts here and here to get an idea of the superb time that was had.  I think when Bonnie described visiting our beautiful city as... Victoria, "sigh" actually says it all and you must visit here to get the full effect of that statement.
Once off the Cruise ship we hurriedly made our way to Butchart Gardens through what we call the back roads which is not only scenic but through less traffic.
It's so interesting to see Butchart Gardens through the eyes of someone who has never visited before, we have season passes and are able to visit whenever we like so tend to forget the magnificence of this national treasure.

With Flower guide in hand we're off and I found myself as the time keeper because Bonnie needed to be back to the ship for a 3:15PM  meeting and we all know how fast those hours can go by.

 Here Diane tells Bonnie a story of her escapades as a young girl which involves a row boat, apples in  pant legs and Butchart Gardens and that's all I should say on that one!

We've arrived at a  local quilt shop, The Cloth Castle so Irene could pick up their Row By Row licence plate and what a great opportunity for a photo in front of some Vintage sewing machines displayed there.
Looking for that one special piece of fabric that makes one say "mine".
 Here's Natasha Cloutier with Bonnie and that fabric on the table is a neutral with umbrella's on it, how did I ever not see it before...good fabric sleuthing Irene.
 A quick photo at The Cloth Castle with from left to right, myself, Bonnie, Diane Smith (my quilty friend) and Natasha just before we headed over to Hatley Castle.
 It was a great few hours Bonnie and Irene, lets hope we can do this again, anytime.

Saturday, June 25, 2016

Quilter's Stash Sale

This is what I bought at a quilter's stash sale a couple of days ago.  This gal's health has decided for her that she won't be able to continue on her quilting journey so I felt a definite sadness for her.

There is enough in these two cuts for a backing on a couple of quilts.
These patterns were all free, how very generous right.
This is a hanger for a quilt and was made by a local artisan.

Sunday, June 19, 2016

Happy Father's Day

Happy Father's Day to the Dad I lost over 12 years ago, I miss you the most on this day.
And to the man I married, you "get" me and I never have to explain.
Last but not least, to the sons who make me proud of not only the men they have become but of the father's they will always be.

Wednesday, June 8, 2016

A Little Bit

A little bit of this and a little bit of that is what has been going on in my life lately so there's really not alot of progress happening on my charm square quilt.

I've made 13 Maple Leaf  blocks for the MQG that will end up in a quilt for the residents of Fort McMurray who lost so much with the devastating fires not that long ago.
Have a great Wednesday and hope you get to do something today that is creative and joyous.

Tuesday, May 10, 2016

Dreams Do Come True

A Mother's Day never to be forgotten and this is how it started with my favourite flowers from my husband, these beauties represent the two sons that have grown up to be the heart of my heart.
 This is my entry into our local Victoria Quilt Guild show this past weekend and it's difficult to put into words how I feel right now.
 My quilt was voted by the Guild as their First Choice and I also won the Viewers Choice and CQA (Canadian Quilters' Association ) award...I'm over the moon.
 My hubby wanted a picture of me with the ribbons and what better place than in the spot that brings me the most joy and peace than my quilt room.   Pinch me, did this really just happen?

Friday, May 6, 2016

Next Step

After sewing the 5" squares into a nine patch unit they have all been sub cut ready to be pieced back together.

Yes, this is going to take a fair bit of time, I initially started this project for some mindless piecing but it's resulted in many seams to match, sigh.

Have a great Friday everyone and before I sign off I just want to send out loving thoughts to a family member who is sitting bedside with her husband who is in Palliative Care, our heart is with you both.

Saturday, April 30, 2016

One Proud Grandma and some quilting going on.

 This is a picture of our oldest Granddaughter who is a member of the local swim club in her home town, she was on the front page of the sports section and this is her first year and she's loving it.  Oh yes, I'm a very proud Grandma and so happy she's found her niche.
 Just a quick shot of the hubby working on my latest vintage Singer, this one was free if you can imagine and so I happily gave it a new home.  Nothing wrong with it other than it needs a little TLC which my hubby enjoys doing so who am I to say no.
 One of my quilting days with a friend saw us making a lunch with a recipe I saw on  FB and you never know if it's going to be a keeper or not but this one was a real winner.  Actually it's a quiche but with a sweet potato crust and oh my just so tasty.
The wild roses are out now and they are so fragrant but better than that they are a flower that harkens back to my childhood and such fond memories.

 Now onto the quilty side this is what I've been working on this past week, after finishing piecing Celtic Solstice I felt I needed something simple and this not only helped use up languishing Batik charm packs but would not take forever to put together.  I found the pattern on FB and here is the linkTeresaDownUnder.  It's super easy but very effective and I can see it done in a variety of scrappy fabrics don't you think?
Monday is my next Cortisone shot for my neck issues so keep your fingers crossed because I certainly am.

Tuesday, April 12, 2016

One Block Short

SO...apparently I'm one block short of a full quilt and how did I miss the mark on this one?  This is what happens when you can have a UFO squirreled away until the time is right and your math is less than stellar.  So today I get to finish making the components for this block of Bonnie Hunter's Celtic Solstice mystery quilt from about 3 years ago.
 Once that's done then I get to put these rows together, this is the small version and I really am having to let the perfectionist in me take a back seat because if my seams and points match at least by 5% I'll be happy.
Have a terrific Tuesday everyone and hopefully I'll have a quilt top to show you in a couple of days, that's if my math doesn't fail me once again.

Tuesday, April 5, 2016

Change of Plans

Well, I had started to explain what my life has been like with the family this past 6 weeks but  there is going to be a change of plans, this is going to be the fun side of my time away.
There certainly was alot of hexies basted and I'm debating as to whether I should start thinking about a more concrete plan for a quilt of these or just perhaps let them multiply while we continue to travel.
I was able to stop at Hamels Quilt Shop in Chilliwack, BC when we headed back to Saskatchewan and I picked up some great Genziana wool thread and the price was so reasonable I went a little crazy or not!
I also needed some more Red Wool for the Buttermilk Basin BOM 2016 that I've started on and I found some real great pieces, now remember wool isn't cheap by any means but it does go along don't toss any small pieces because it can always be used.

This is some lovely fabric I also  purchased at another quilt shop, Extraordinary Extras , I've spoke of this place before as they not only carry different quilt fabrics than what I see here at home but they also have a Gammil for quilters like me who prefer to have someone else machine quilt their quilt tops.  I finally was able to bring the only 2 tops I actually made in the past year for them to do and I just love how they turned out so when I put the binding on them I'll flaunt them on my blog.
I've heard so much about Stella Lights and was able to pick one up at a great price so have been using it in the evenings while doing my handwork.
This is our view on the Ferry when we returned home last Friday and it was the first time we've been at the front of the boat and able to see this view just before we docked, so much fun.
So I'm off to do a bit of quilting, I've missed that room so much and it beckons me.