Monday, September 21, 2015

Fall is here

We are well into September, actually there's not much left of it but today is a special day for my Mom because today is my Birthday.  Really, I was told after 4 boys when I came along there was much fan fare but I don't remember any of it of course though I enjoyed hearing the stories of all the excitement a little black haired girl brought.

Still very little quilting going on but I do an hour here or an hour there. I've decided to work on Celtic Solstice and this is my cutting from a couple of weeks ago and there're actually some blocks made now.
I had a request from my Mom to make her some bibs.  She lives in a Seniors Lodge and she has trouble with her hands now and therefore meal times are an ordeal.  So when we were back visiting her I constructed 6 bibs of enormous length at least it seemed like that to me but she wanted them to cover her lap also so they did double duty.
Yes, I'm working on the pull out of a computer table at my son's home and that surface bounced around for every stitch that machine made but I got them done, not a professional job but fortunately she's not fussy.  This is my Mom's old Kenmore and I use it whenever there is a sewing project and it works just grand, thanks Mom.  It's kept at my son's home where we stay whenever we're back in Lloydminster.

I've done some biking with friends when my shoulders and neck seem to be behaving themselves and have really enjoyed exploring different parts of our city, especially the coffee shops along the way.
I've no special plans today, maybe a lunch out and then we're going bike rack shopping for my birthday gift.  I want one for a single bike which I hope will be much lighter for me to attach to our vehicle.  Anything to save my shoulders these day it seems.

 Have a great day everyone.

Thursday, August 13, 2015

One Step Ahead, Two Back

This has been my quilting life this past 6 months with the ever present neck and shoulder issues so still little to no sewing for me.  The latest is my physiotherapist is now looking at sending me to a pain specialist in this area so keeping my fingers crossed this next step will be what breaks the cycle of pain.
On the bright side the knitting is coming along quite well, who knew I'd be one of those gals that carry her knitting needles everywhere she goes but I do and I'm feeling quite smug about it but don't look too close alright.
There is a shop hop at the present going on here on  Vancouver Island with many Quilt Shops participating and yesterday I made my way to The Cloth Castle to view the quilt made by Natasha for said Hop.
Modern in tone using Kona Cottons, well done Natasha, I'd snuggle under that any day of the week wouldn't you?  As you can see though I haven't been quilting I'm confidant I'll get back to it some day so with that in mind I'm keeping the economy of the local quilt shops going with a few random purchases.  While at Cloth Castle yesterday I snagged 2 charm packs of my favourite Tula Pinks fabric line which is Elizabeth.  Some fabric lines call our name more than others and I heard this one loud and clear.
Enjoy your Wednesday everyone.

Tuesday, July 14, 2015

Just a Few

I think I got carried away cutting out Tumblers for Bonnie Hunter's newest Leader and Enders Challenge, I did use my Accuquilt Baby Go to cut out these gems and I think I  slimmed down the scrap fabric situation.  In fact I think that I may have enough of just Christmas prints to make a separate Tumbler quilt.

Monday, July 6, 2015

Knitting Alert

Who knew that someday I would be knitting socks, not me  that's for sure but I've got a heel done for the first time ever and I'm pretty stoked.  
Well I couldn't let this sweet little package get away from me last week, doesn't it make your heart go pitter patter or maybe that's just me.  There's some Paisley in there and I'm a sucker for anything Paisley, don't know why but it is what it is.
I'm thinking I'll make a quilt from Kathy Brown's book, Strip-Smart Quilts, there're so many great quilts in this book that I can't wait to get cutting.
Monday today and that means I get to visit the Dental Hygienist and then maybe some quilting long as the headache stays away. Enjoy your day everyone hoping you get to do whatever makes you heart happy.

Thursday, July 2, 2015

Plugging Away

Blue is not my mood but it's the main color of the Scrappy Sister's quilt I'm working on, 12 blocks down and 60 more to go.

Have a great Thursday everyone and I'm personally going to try and keep cool inside as it's a scorcher out there!

Sunday, June 21, 2015

Row By Row

Row By Row starts today and I hope to stop in and visit a couple of  Quilt shops on our way up to Comox today.  Will take my knitting and Hexis along to pass the time and hopefully will finish the second Slouchy Toque.
Happy Fathers Day to this most wonderful man in my life who exemplifies what a Father is and should be.

Friday, June 19, 2015


Finally able to a little sewing, spent an afternoon with a friend stitching some string blocks together on CC my sweet little Featherweight and no headache!
This is the view behind me and I sew love this place, good times were had, thanks Diane once again.

Wednesday, June 3, 2015


Finished the Slouchy toque for one of my Granddaughters while still waiting for the neck pain and headaches to be resolved.
Yes it looks like it's made for a Cone head but really this is how long it is supposed to be so the slouch can happen.
So off for round two of Physio this morning so wish me luck, I'm getting quilting withdrawals! 

Saturday, May 23, 2015

Knitting needles

So I'm only a beginning knitter but he even helps keep me in the proper tools for this hobby, see that wallet in his hand as I decided not to bring my purse then remembered I needed these double pointed needles.  Almost 40 years with this man and it only gets better and better.
The sunshine is brilliant today and though I still have considerable neck pain and headaches and  unable to do any quilting I'll make the best of it and enjoy what the outdoors offer.

Friday, May 15, 2015

Scrappy Sister's Choice Quilt

This is what I'm doing for my sister, a scrappy Sister's Choice quilt so have been sorting out my blues and neutrals but after the last quilt I just gifted on Wednesday the blue stash is really depleted.  May have to do a little LQS venture out this weekend.
My trial block came out really nice but I won't use the neutrals again for the nine patch but the size measured out bang on so looking forward to some easier piecing.
I love how the shadows played on the block when taking this picture but it really needs color in the center.

After my massage yesterday I was "told" only 2 hrs of quilting allowed that day, what!!!  Have a sweet weekend everyone and  hopefully you aren't  restricted in your quilty endeavors.

Friday, May 8, 2015

She's a Marvel and Birthday Fun

One of my BFF produces quilty projects like nobody's business and here she is with her Farmer's Wife Quilt.  Yesterday at our quilt group we sandwiched Diane's two quilts and this is a quick picture of the paper pieced marvel.
For lunch we decided to celebrate Maggie's Birthday with a great Vietnamese lunch in downtown Victoria which was very delish!  If you like that type of food give Saigon Harbor a try you'll not be disappointed.  And because we were downtown why not hit one of our local quilt shops right.
Here we all are after a yummy lunch, some quilty purchases and after we grabbed a Discovery iced coffee we were more than fortified to head back to sandwich a quilt for the birthday girl.  Can 't wait for our next adventure ladies, you fill my heart and my quilty soul, bless you all!

Saturday, May 2, 2015


All folded up ready for a press, next up the yellow inner border and it's getting closer to being done.

Sunday, April 26, 2015

New Cutting Table

She's a beauty and I'll be excited to get sewing again after removing the old cutting table, washing walls and doing more purging.

 This is Karen of Coventry Wood Works who designed and built this, so happy with how it turned out.  It's constructed so that it can be put together or knocked down in sections which is important when living in a condo.

This is a mammoth or so for me, cutting top and the construction is so beautiful I almost feel bad covering it with a cutting mat but a girls gotta do what a girls gotta do.
 This is her husband Cam who also teaches partime at Camosun College, too bad I didn't get a picture of his face right.
 Hubby giving Karen help when she screws down the top, so not a comfortable position for Karen.

 This is now my pressing station above these two plastic bins which in the future will be replaced with shelving.  Time to refill those bins, so looking forward to this.

By the way if anyone in the Victoria, BC area would like my old cutting table which I purchased from Sawyers's Sewing Centre several years ago it's for sale dirt cheap but you have to pick it up.

Wednesday, April 1, 2015

Pain In The Neck

That's exactly what's been happening in my world this past 5 weeks, headache with neck and shoulder pain.  No sewing here, no anything really lately as it is painful to bend my neck so I'll just follow along with everyone else's quilting and crafting fun.
When things get better I'll sew the binding down on this little Bargello runner which is actually leftovers from a larger quilt.

Tuesday, March 24, 2015

Love At First Sight

I've been perusing Ebay for a Vintage Singer 401A and with the difference in the dollar from American to Canadian I knew it was going to be awhile before I would seriously consider buying one.  Low and behold last night I checked out our local site Used Victoria and what should I see but the above mentioned sewing machine for sale.  Yes, and only a 15 minute drive from home and the best part of all the lady was only asking $40.00.  I know, only $40 big ones, well I was hyperventilating let me tell you.  Just take a peek at what I so lovingly brought home today.
Look at this beautiful wooden case and just itself it is a heavyweight.
Inside is this most beautiful Vintage Singer and I know we'll be fast friends.

Also included was a cute case along with a plethora of spools of thread, laces and bindings, oh so much fun.
She has a few cobwebs but I'll give her a Spa day tomorrow and she'll feel almost like brand new!

OK, the grin is from ear to ear I admit but some things were just meant to be and now "Gloria" has a new home.

Show and Share

Here are a few pictures of another Show and Share at Cloth Castle's Quilt Club awhile back, so enjoy.

I'm busy finishing up some bindings on wall hangings and runners to gift to my Mom when we make our annual trek back to Alberta for the dreaded tax season.  Seeing family is always fun but the tax man is never a happy encounter.  Enjoy your day everyone.