Thursday, October 6, 2011

Christmas isn't that far away

I'm not even going to start doing the Christmas countdown but I do know that when I "dug" out a Christmas project that I had started last year and not finished, OK I know I'm not the only one out there so don't shake your head with disgust because guess what?  I was further along with it than I thought.  Sometimes ignorance is bliss and by gosh I'm feeling a lot of bliss today.  When I was deciding on what to take for our quilt day on the Gorge my rummaging unearthed this project which was quietly saying pick me, pick me.  So here is the bagged evidence now in the running to be completed for Christmas.  Any bets?   
 What a bunch of bagged goodness.
This picture is of what I worked on today and will end up being Half Square triangles for the pieced border.  I really still like these colors, good thing because I'm not changing them now.
So keep posted and cheer me on because a little bit of  go-go-go will only help me reach the finish line.