Wednesday, June 11, 2014

Bonnie Hunter Trunk Show and Lecture

Well, I just got back from a quick trip to attend Bonnie Hunter's Trunk show and Lecture in Portland, Oregon and it was a great time.  Bonnie has three days of classes at the Northwest Quilt Guild with today being her last but what we went for was her lecture and Trunk show on Monday night.  We did stay in the same hotel as Bonnie so Monday morning as we came down for breakfast Bonnie was there also trying to grab a quick breakfast before her ride to the class showed up.  Hubby Dale said Hi to Bonnie and she stopped and looked at him and laughed, then we knew she recognized us.  We had given Bonnie, Dave, her Hubby along with Myron and Pamela (Dave's brother and sister-in-law) a tour of Victoria last year when her Alaskan Cruise ship docked for the day in Victoria.  After a quick hug she finished her brekkie and headed off to teach some lucky gals the Bonnie Hunter way of quilting.

Here are some pictures of what was an informative and entertaining evening that night.
Looking sew pretty all ready  for the Lecture and Trunk show.
This is the quilt Bonnie use for demonstrating her Leaders and Enders concept.
 Bonnie made the front cover for the first time on the present issue of Quiltmaker's magazine so I had her sign my copy  of course.
 Yes my Hubby Dale got in on the action as he gave Bonnie two pictures of his recently restored 1926 Cadillac Limo.  He knew her hubster Dave would enjoy seeing them
 Bonnie being introduced at the Northwest Quilter's Guild meeting.  Now follows pictures of some of the quilts Bonnie has made.
  The fun begins with her informative lecture which was sprinkled with lots of laughter.

 The backside of the quilt and I think many of us use those leftover blocks in some fashion.

 A lady was perusing some of Bonnie's quilts so took a few pictures while she flipped the tops back.  I tend not to touch anyone else's quilts, even though Bonnie used them as part of her presentation but I don't have a problem of taking pictures when the chance arises.

 That is how tiny these strips are, just look at my fingers...yikes.


 It was a fun and informative evening and many thanks to the Northwest Quilter's Guild for allowing people like myself the opportunity to learn and grow in my quilting life, well done everyone.