Thursday, November 29, 2012

What's Up? and Monkey business

Busy working on two lap quilts for family members and completed a class for Snowmen on Parade.
Snowmen on Parade (Pattern)  from Under the Garden Moon  Pattern for row quilt with cotton applique and piecing. Finished size: 42" x 60".

 It is a great technique quilt but the fun is in the gals you spend time doing the project with.
Though I didn't get anywhere near finished I sure did see a lot of the ladies have come a long way with theirs.  I  have some pictures taken the week before and as you can see someone had some fabric throw-up issues, we still love you Doreen!

Progress is the name of the game with these gals and boy am I behind the eight ball or Snowman!

Linda was too busy to give me her great smile, nose to the grindstone for her.

Carol, quiet and sew busy you hardly know she's quilting on the other side of the room.

Terry was able to stop her quilting to give me a great photo and I think she was the only one that was closest to having the top pieced.  

Marilyn always had her project organized, actually that whole table was to be admired.  I think there is a lot to be learned from this group of ladies and how lucky I am to have the opportunity to share this class.

Diane was another quilter that almost had her top pieced and as you can see by her smile that she enjoys every minute if it.  

Unfortunately Maureen couldn't finish this class after breaking her ankle and we wish her well and a speedy recovery.

Here are a few pictures of the paper piecing, don't you just love the colors.

Here is our instructor Natasha with Terry and how Natasha keeps me on track is a small miracle.

My sock monkey has been monkeying around our home lately and this is what I caught him up too. (Actually this is where I found him one morning, thanks to Hubby!)  OK, so there is a cake mix or two in my pantry but I do prefer from scratch but this monkey doesn't have time for that.  Notice the Oreo cookie on his arm, oops caught again.

And here he is again sitting in the Hubby's easy chair watching TV with his hand in a bowl of potato chips.  That monkey better watch his sodium intake don't you think and his waistline! 

You never know where that monkey will show up next, who knows maybe there is a trip in his near future!