Wednesday, September 28, 2016

A visit to Lori's Country Cottage, Sherwood Park, Alberta

On our way back to Lloydminster a stop was made at Lori's Country Cottage in Sherwood Park, Alberta.  About an hour out of the city I quickly posted on the Canadian Quilters FB page to the effect if you only had the chance to stop at one shop in the Edmonton, AB area what it would be?  Several shops came up as favourites but Lori's Country Cottage was the one we decided on and it didn't disappoint.  
Once inside I asked if I may take pictures which is a must when you enter any quilt shop and they were very obliging so here is a few pictures of the inside of what turned out to be gem of a quilt shop.

 This is such a cute wall hanging but alas the pattern didn't come home with me, no pun intended.
 Sorry this is so dark, it's their classroom and it looks like there is going to be many great classes on the horizon.

 Back now to the shop and if some of the pictures are blurry it's because I was shaking with excitement, yes...we've all done it!

 OMG, they have wool and it's reasonable priced, such a score!!!

 Ha, Ha, I'm back to the wool section and guess what, it's by Buttermilk Basin, kits, patterns and I discovered they even carried the teeny, tiny buttons for eyes that Stacy uses,  which I had to order from the USA but not anymore because I know Lori's Country Cottage now carries them!
 See, those cute little Vintage Truck patterns and I had such a hard time choosing just one, please I'm retired now and on a budget!

 When I made a final decision on all my treasures I was asked if my name was in the system which it was not so sure add me I said.  Well, guess what?  If you're in their "system" when it's the day before, day of or day after your birthday you get an extra 20% off your purchase!  Be still my heart as the day before was my birthday so I happily allowed them to give me a discount, wink, wink!  The bear in the picture below is played for those with Birthday savings!
I'll show you my goodies in the next couple of days once life gets back to our normal, enjoy your Wednesday everyone.