Monday, February 20, 2012

Wool Sandwich

Just a quick blog to show everyone what a wool sandwich looks like, hope it doesn't make you too hungry.
I know, I know  it's just too delicious right and all the way from The Road To California.  A wool expert  named P took time out of her day at TRTC to find a triple decker for me.  I know I'm really spoiled but I'll take it and be very proud of it. 

 Here it is before it commingled and became a woolly spectacular Dagwood style sandwich.

How funny, I never noticed one was upside down until just now.  When I took this picture I was in the midst of a swoon you know.  So I have tucked it away with the rest of the my woolly treasures and I keep looking back at the container just to see if it's still there and all mine.  Yes it is!!!

Just another shout out to Laura Krasinski from .  I won a giveaway from her quite awhile back and would like to show you this fat quarter she gifted me.  It was snow dyed, yes you heard me snow dyed.  So nice to know there are some creative uses for snow.
Sew there you have it and not a calorie in sight but you know Easter is on it's way so be careful of those pesky Cadbury Mini Eggs, there everywhere.

Sunday, February 19, 2012

Anniversary Quilt Progress

Just letting you have a quick peek at my progress so far on the Anniversary quilt I am working on for my youngest son and his wife.  Next step, square this puppy up and add the borders and I'm not looking forward to that one little bit.  Insert big SIGH.
I will be glad to have my living room floor back though even if it means I have to vacuum.  

I also did some hand stitching tonight on my first wool hand applique project.  Sure hope I'm stitching these right!
Well off to bed and hope the body feels up to a cardio and yoga workout in the morning.  Goodnight all.

Monday, February 13, 2012

An anniversary quilt in the making

This April marks the 10 Anniversary of my youngest son Cameron and his amazing partner in life Teri-Lynn's wedding.  Of course I don't have the pictures of their special day on this computer so you'll have to be satisfied with this make do snapshot.
There were so many great memories of that perfect day and it was perfect in our eyes.  
They gave us two amazing Grand daughters, Madison who is 7 and Brooke who is 5.
This picture was taken a couple of years ago but I just love it and makes my heart happy whenever I look at it.

Teri wanted the Anniversary quilt done in greens and browns and I knew I wanted to make it in Batiks so here are the fabrics I choose.  
I know Cameron would be happy with anything I make, he's a sentimental kinda guy and I love that in him.  I found the batiks at a quilt shop called Bib n'Tucker here in Victoria and they have the most amazing selection of Batiks (said to have the biggest selection on Vancouver Island).  
I am doing the Lover's Knot Quilt by Eleanor Burns and I know there is love being sewn into that quilt every time I work on it.  Here is a sneak peek of what has been keeping me busy in my sewing room these days. 
 April will be here before I know it so off I go to add some more love.  Enjoy your day and may it be a quilty one.

Sunday, February 12, 2012

Quilt Club didn't disappoint

Tuesday saw the start of Quilt Club for 2012 and it didn't disappoint.  Thanks to Doreen from Duncan for giving me the nudge as I was so excited to see what everyone was doing that I forgot to pull out my camera to get all the quilty goodness on record.  So here is most (I hope) of what was brought for Show and Tell that morning.

Sorry this is so blurry Doreen but what a fab job you did.

This quilt was hand stitched and is just stunning.  Carol said it took her about 13 months to do it and all I can say is wow.

Love these Prairie Points, gonna make me some and it might be out of red and white fabric, just saying.
Hey, that's mine.  I usually forget to take pictures of my show and share because I'm always busy telling a story about my contribution to the morning and let me tell you there always is a yarn!

These are knitted wool felted slippers and Myrna said they are really easy to do.  She is going to show some of us next week how to do them.  I'm not a great knitter but she said it's so easy we'll see.  I even bought some Bamboo knitting needles for this project and wow they sure aren't cheap.  Do you think they'll make me a better knitter?

For those of us who forgot what these looked like it's a diaper, so cute.  I just had a scary flashback thinking of the days before Pampers and I seen a lot of those days I'll tell you.

This quilt of mine was machine quilted by Carol , a quilt shop owner in Vermillion, Alberta.  The shop is called Extraordinary Extras and is a great gem along the Yellowhead Highway in Alberta so if you ever get a chance to visit it you'll not be disappointed. 

Well there was a bit of quilting, a bit of knitting and even a homemade diaper thrown into the mix so hope you enjoyed Cloth Castle's quilt club show and tell because as always I sure did.  So I'm  off to try and find some wool thread to start one of my wool projects, wish me luck!

Sunday, February 5, 2012

Mug Mats again!

I know, it is almost a sickness with me those addictive mug mats.  I think it is because you can be creative without investing much time and expense.  Anyways a quilty lady I know had a Birthday  (no ages revealed here) and when a few of us crafty gals got together I knew this was a good way to feed my obsession and whip up a gift.  Quickly I dug into my Valentine fabric stash and after oohing and ahhing over my delectable candy themed fabrics I decided on some yummy goodness and made Ms. Cindy this tasty treat.
Look, no problem if a little chocolate gets smeared on this 'cause who's gonna see it with all these colors right.  Though I can't imagine anyone even accidentally misplacing a minute amount of chocolate.

I also was the recipient of a Valentine mug mat from The Rogue Quilter as you know a challenge is a challenge right-wink, wink!  Gosh I'm spoiled, look what she quilted up for moi!
Imagine that, she had some of the same material I have but she made the MM into a half Dresden style.   So cute, so me!  I have it sitting next to my sewing machine and it feels right at home.
I've been working on a couple of what I call dresser scarves? for my Grand daughters and was to hand deliver them today but alas I couldn't fly back to Saskatchewan with my hubby.  I know they 'll be very disappointed that Gramm couldn't make it but Papa is loved dearly too so he'll have to make up for my absence.  This was when they were in the planning stages. 

 Look at those angel wings aren't they so sweet.  I used my Slice to cut out these shapes and let me tell you once you start cutting you can go hog wild and get lost for hours cutting out flowers, hearts, wings, etc.  I love that little gadget and what's great about it is it's so small that I can tuck it away without sacrificing much storage space.

The season of cherry blossoms are upon us and that means here in Victoria Spring is not that far away. 
I took this picture a couple of days ago closer to dusk near the Gorge Rowing and Kayaking Club and as I don't own a sophisticated camera this is as good as it gets.  As well as Cherry blossom time it is Blood Orange season and I try to consume as many as my budget allows.  

These yummy oranges are pretty pricey and I'm sure glad my hubby doesn't like them otherwise I'd have to share.  But them he likes Granville Island beer and I don't so there's the trade off.

Well I think it's time to head to my sewing room and enjoy a quiet Sunday and for those of you who just might watch the Super Bowl's half time show let's keep our fingers crossed that Madonna doesn't have a wardrobe malfunction either this year!