Friday, May 4, 2012

Always carry an extra needle

Yes, always carry an extra needle because they can break while you are least expecting it.  This is what I learnt while on a road trip to Langdale last Sunday.  Knowing it would be a long day of driving and ferry rides I eagerly brought along my paper piecing project of hexies.

These were basted on our trip to and from Lloydminster, SK three weeks ago.  Though I didn't work on them all the time they certainly did help pass the long highway hours.  Driving to SK, with the ferry ride is a 17 hr trip one way and we only stop for gas so this bladder has learnt to behave itself  ( I'm careful with the liquid intake let me tell you ).  I prefer to do the drive in 2 days which is much more civilized to say the least!

Alas I could not add to this Hexies pile last Sunday on our way to Langdale because I broke my needle right from the get go and of course I never thought to bring an extra one, so the count remains at 221.

But it was a great day none-the-less as we seen new country and it was my first time on Lions gate bridge in Vancouver.  Really didn't like it though, kinda high you know, guess that's why I never had any interest in skiing either.

This is leaving Horseshoe Bay on our way to Langdale and the scenery was breathtaking and if I could bottle the air I could make a small fortune.  Nothing was more pure or heavenly.

We actually got a front row seat on the ferry and here is a picture of my husband sitting inside, what a pansy, now myself I had to experience that rush of cold air, actually it was the best medicine for my hot flashes, will they ever end!

And this is the view from the front of the ferry and you can't see me but I had my arms outstretched wide and that DiCaprio fellow was behind me, a girl can dream right.

Though there was no quilting done this day for me my hubby did buy himself another project, a 1926 Cadillac Limo.

 The smile on his face when he bought this treasure is just like the one I have on my face when I carry out an armful of quilt fabric from my favourite quilt shops here in Victoria.  So after the 12hr road trip I know what he'll be doing next winter when I am busy with my piles of fabric and quilt patterns.