Monday, December 17, 2012


 I really like working with leftovers, small bits and those ever increasing scraps.  I've been working on snowflakes with my embroidery machine and there seemed to be fair bit of water solvy left so after trimming the sides I joined the pieces together and put them in my smallest hoop and after altering my design to the size that would fit the hoop this is what I ended up with.  Now, I was doing this at 11 PM last night and not expecting it to turn out too well I used a taupe thread to join the solvy and yes I should of changed the thread.

See how small it is and then it hit me I have some water soluble thread so out with the regular thread and I will put the other in to join the water solvy.   Man, sometimes you shouldn't have these brainstorms so late at night, but lesson learned and I'll be pounding out more mini snowflakes to use up the "leftovers"!
Hubby and I spent Sunday morning making Perogies to take with us to Vancouver for Christmas for my son and Grandson,  We did a taste test and they are mighty fine and next time we'll make more but we felt that 12 cups of flour was enough for this tri
Notice there is some baking supplies behind the Perogies and I just may work on that today while my snowflakes are floating down to earth via my embroidery machine.

Prayers to our American neighbors, as parents our heart aches for your loss.