Monday, August 22, 2011

Winners and more winners

K for Kathy-I wished.
This is the talented lady who constructed this quilt.

I thought this "hen" was so cute with the felted eggs around her.

A satin necktie crazy patch wall hanging.

This is our Miriam aka Rogue Quilter and she won a ribbon with this Dr Seuss quilt

Another winning crazy patch wall hanging from the  Rogue

This is in the center of Miriam's wall hanging.  It is a Sashiko dragon 

This was done in silks and was quite subtle in it's coloring but very effective. 

Done in wool  by Natasha aka Joy of Quilting.  This has special meaning for her and done with a few tears I'm sure.

Another Natasha marvel.  I so love the fabric in this quilt.

Aren't these fun colors too?!
This past weekend was filled with .....quilting, of course.  The Cloth Castle had their annual Quilter's Along the Avenue quilt challenge and though I didn't have anything entered I thoroughly enjoyed those who did.  The theme was Crazy Patch quilts and I have quilt envy again.

The next day I was back at Cloth Castle to take a class with a great teacher, Bettye Sheppard.  We are lucky that the USA lets us borrow her for several months of the year.  Her quilting knowledge is extensive and we learnt so many quilty things.  Her class is called Hole-In -One and is a type of Stack 'N Wack.  
This is Bettye's Hole-In-One quilt,  lovin' the flowers.

What a great weekend, hope yours was as quiltaculer as mine was.