Tuesday, December 29, 2015

Christmas has come and gone

We wait with such great anticipation for Christmas and before you know it has come and gone!  It was very quiet here with just ourselves and our oldest son who flew in from Vancouver.

 We relished the 5 days we had with him and have already planned for us to head over to Vancouver in February for a long weekend.  It's been quite awhile since we've made a trip over to the mainland and I think we're due.  He's close to the water taxis that can take one to Granville Island so I've already planted the seed, I think there is a quilt shop nearby.
Here is a picture of Derek working on a puzzle I brought out to help pass the time on Christmas and Boxing Day as my neck was acting up, again,
He certainly was dedicated to working on that puzzle and I have plans to have it framed to hang in my sewing room as after all I have an empty spot on the wall, heaven forbid.
The mail brought a cute little gift from a High School buddy and yes, I still have a fondness for anything Snoopy and Gang.  How sweet of her to think of me after all this time.  One thing I need to search for is more Snoopy fabric and let me tell you it's really hard to come by here.
Well I'm going to give quilting a try today but will wear my neck collar hoping I can have at least an hour without any problems so keep your fingers crossed for me alright!

Saturday, December 5, 2015

Christmas Sewing

Just a few pillowcases in the making for gifts for Christmas, no muss, no fuss.
 OK, maybe just a little untidiness but all is good except when you grab a fat quarter to use and you find this.
I must have done this quite awhile ago because the corners were cut out with pinking shears if you can imagine...now why would I do the that?  Dear Lord what must have been going through my mind at that time, quick grab something fast and hack away.

Hopefully this month I'll be able to get into the pain specialist for my neck and shoulder issues that continue to plague me but until then it's a day by day scenario but I won't complain too much because there are far many more people out there with bigger problems than what I'm experiencing, right?
Have a great weekend everyone and hopefully you'll find time to be creative.