Wednesday, November 2, 2011

Quilter's Club yesterday was a hit!

Here are a "few" snaps from Quilter's Club at The Cloth Castle Quilt shop yesterday.  What a fun morning and as always great show and share so sit back with a cuppa joe and enjoy.
 Thread catcher for a newbie quilter.
 Prairie Point Cushion
 Knitted sweater, alas it won't fit me.
  Sweet children's quilt
 Knitted baby layette
 Beautiful knitted toque
 Another sweet crocheted baby toque
 Beautiful applique

 Closer look of the Prairie Point Cushion 

 Cupcake potholders

 Knitted sweater for the Christmas tree

 Marg has done it again, another great knitted sweater

 Hand appliqued quilt
More twister technique made into a runner

This quilt will be a gift for a grandson who lives in Houston.  Hard to see but there is embroidered cars that were done by their Grandpa and Grandma, a family affair.
Another quilt off to Houston for twin boys from the same family, yes 3 boys!

I slipped in my Twister quilt that still needs another border yet.

An absolute beautiful quilt done by Diane, one of her first embroidered quilt and yes she is a marvel
The backside of the quilt
Helen with an armful of her knitted scarves
This is full of machine embroidered Christmas ornaments

Natasha's projects of the month

Grace's stunning quilt, great job once again.

Now wasn't that fun and I hope you enjoyed a part of Victoria's best quilters!  As you can see we also have a few ladies that excel in knitting and crocheting.  Yes Victoria is lucky to have us, wink, wink!