Tuesday, May 29, 2012

Whoopsy Daisy

That's exactly what's it called, the pattern that is and with my fat quarter bundle that I won ages ago  (thanks to Amanda Herring from The Quilted Fish)  I finally was able to strike this one from that UFO list. That was actually my very first blog win so I was pretty excited with how generous she was with her giveaway.   So another one is added to the wahoo pile and on to the next fun project but before I do that here is a peek of last nights late night rendezvous, picture taken this morning of course.

So I have a few mug mats I want to make and then I think it is time to work on my Farmer's Wife Sampler Quilt blocks, who would of thought I want to go back to that but I'm feeling like they have been neglected, so time to plow the fields, plant the wheat and watch the blocks grow.

Saturday, May 19, 2012

Placemats for summer

I have being making placemats for my grand daughters for different holidays such as Valentine's day, Saint Patrick's day, etc.  It was time for their summer themed ones and after I found these cute fat quarters at Hamel's Fabrics (they are a great quilt shop from Chilliwack, BC) http://www.hamelsfabrics.com/ which were a vendor at Victoria's Quilt show last weekend I knew they had placemats written all over them.

Look at those cute birdies, I just fell in love with this fabric when I saw it and for only $1.99 a fat quarter they just flew into my hands.  I put this peachy pink fabric from the same line on the back so they are just girlicious for sure. I machine stitched some hearts on it which I think you can see somewhat.   Of course I made one for their Mommy too after all I do get in trouble from Mommy and Daddy if I don't send them a matching holiday themed placemat too.  I know, who are the kids in that house right!  Whiners!!!

I knew the fabric was a little on the sweet side and though my son lives in a house of girlishness I brought out some fabric I knew he would approve of and made him his own placemat too.

So what do you think, doesn't that look more manly than the birds.  I know he enjoys a cool beer on a hot summer day so I think that will fit into the summer theme for sure.  So now, there shouldn't be any whining about who didn't get what.  Have a great long weekend and I hope there is some quilting in it.

Saturday, May 12, 2012

Had to finish it!

Some times there are projects that linger on and you know they are silently mocking you and just to shut them up you do the dirty deed and turn that UFO into a finish.  So that's what happened two days ago, I drug the project out to silence the thoughts in my head.  OK, that's a little dramatic but we've all been there and of course I did it my way and didn't follow the directions but it is off the to-do list and I couldn't be happier.

This is my version of the-Hole-In-One and so now it's all folded up and put to rest.

Now on to other projects on the to-do list and this one happens to be a fun one.

It doesn't look like much now but it will be a Christmas tree quilt someday and though my blocks are made there are many hearts to add and holly leaves to stitch.  The fabrics are creams, whites and some silver and blues.  Sounds dyslexic doesn't it but in my world it will be perfect! 

I also changed my sewing room around to accommodate my ironing board which until yesterday could only be put up in the hallway next to where I sew.  It is a Reliable ironing board, made for quilting.  I love it's rectangular shape so with a shuffle here and a move there I now have a more functional room, for now.

Here is picture of the quilt binding going on my Tumbler quilt and I only have to hand stitch it down and that is another project off the list.  Wow, this really does feel good, I'm going to have to keep this up, wink, wink.  

Thursday, May 10, 2012

Pictures from Quilt Club

Hope you enjoy the pictures from our May Quilt Club at the Cloth Castle.

Now wasn't that fun, hope you enjoyed the pictures, we have some real creative gals in our neck of the woods!

Friday, May 4, 2012

Always carry an extra needle

Yes, always carry an extra needle because they can break while you are least expecting it.  This is what I learnt while on a road trip to Langdale last Sunday.  Knowing it would be a long day of driving and ferry rides I eagerly brought along my paper piecing project of hexies.

These were basted on our trip to and from Lloydminster, SK three weeks ago.  Though I didn't work on them all the time they certainly did help pass the long highway hours.  Driving to SK, with the ferry ride is a 17 hr trip one way and we only stop for gas so this bladder has learnt to behave itself  ( I'm careful with the liquid intake let me tell you ).  I prefer to do the drive in 2 days which is much more civilized to say the least!

Alas I could not add to this Hexies pile last Sunday on our way to Langdale because I broke my needle right from the get go and of course I never thought to bring an extra one, so the count remains at 221.

But it was a great day none-the-less as we seen new country and it was my first time on Lions gate bridge in Vancouver.  Really didn't like it though, kinda high you know, guess that's why I never had any interest in skiing either.

This is leaving Horseshoe Bay on our way to Langdale and the scenery was breathtaking and if I could bottle the air I could make a small fortune.  Nothing was more pure or heavenly.

We actually got a front row seat on the ferry and here is a picture of my husband sitting inside, what a pansy, now myself I had to experience that rush of cold air, actually it was the best medicine for my hot flashes, will they ever end!

And this is the view from the front of the ferry and you can't see me but I had my arms outstretched wide and that DiCaprio fellow was behind me, a girl can dream right.

Though there was no quilting done this day for me my hubby did buy himself another project, a 1926 Cadillac Limo.

 The smile on his face when he bought this treasure is just like the one I have on my face when I carry out an armful of quilt fabric from my favourite quilt shops here in Victoria.  So after the 12hr road trip I know what he'll be doing next winter when I am busy with my piles of fabric and quilt patterns.