Friday, February 19, 2016

Placemats and Pillowcases

I was asked to make two sets of Pillowcases and two sets of Placemats (eight in total) for some friends of my son.  The friends work in the RV industry and they are holding a showcase and would like these for staging of the RVs.  I finished them up yesterday and even free-motioned the placemats rather than straight line quilting.  It's been quite awhile since doing any free-motion quilting but it turned out just fine and I was happy with the finished project.
 This fabric is perfect for summer time and though it's not my favourite it was very appropriate.
 For the fishermen in your family, isn't it too cute.  I found this fabric at a  local shop called Bib N Tucker Quilting which is a 10 minute walk from where I live. It's been nice to have this shop relocate so close to home or is it?
Yes the VW van fabric makes another appearance but with a little change up on its cuff.

Have a great day everyone and it looks like our rain is back but that just means more quilting time right.