Friday, October 5, 2012

Nordixx Pole Walking

Well my birthday has come and gone and yes, some days I feel 55 but not today!  Sometimes I need to switch things up a bit and as I mature .... I think trying a new way to keep the body moving helps with the maturing phase!  So I tried Nordixx Pole Walking and because I walk everyday for exercise this is a new way to keep things interesting and myself motivated.

A Feast For Your Eyes

And what a meal we had at Quilt Club this past Tuesday at The Cloth Castle, my appetite was appeased.   Each month I eagerly wait to see what all those talented ladies will share with us and I'm never disappointed so sit awhile and let the pictures do the talking.
You can never have too many hand knit scarves
 Another jelly roll put to great use with Marilyn's usual creative twist.  Look at the placement of those squares.
 Grace made an Autumn table runner and did some extra stitching down the middle for added interest and the next picture is the back of the runner using Halloween fabric, double duty for sure.
 This is a Fashionista wall hanging and all I can say is Oh-La-La!
I know these Trees and Stars remind one of Christmas but guess what, it'll be here before you know it.
 The monkeys, they are a multiplying but my aren't they cute
 Love the look of this 1600 Jelly Roll quilt done in Black and White and the lady with her head to the back of this picture is the same lady who pieced this beauty, well done Doreen.
 Another great pattern for placemats and they are very attractive done in Blue Batiks.
 And you thought all pumpkins were orange, look at this trio but alas no pumpkin pie from this patch.
The checkerboard boarder just bumped this quilt up a notch.  
 Some little one is going to fall in love with this sweater for sure.
 This one is nearly finished and a real stunner, see we can knit as well as quilt!

 Carol made this for her Grand daughter and this panel was taken to the next level also by the applique she added, yes there was some thought put into that fairy.
 I thought this was a great idea for a placemat, look closer and you'll see there is a pocket that is keeping a napkin handy.  Love it!
 The back of the placemat shows the machine embroidery .
 Don't you think this is a quilt that will make some lady feel special, I know it would for me.
 Another gift for some lucky baby, oh so cuddly!
This color combination is one of my favorites.

An old school chenille vest.
Purple Mabel stopped by for a visit.
 Sweet P (Paulette) brought her Autumn wool beauty and yes, it took our breath away.  OK it's time to start a wool club here.  Lets make a list of wannabees!   Here follows some close-ups of Sweet P's work, be still my heart.

 Blurry but there is another example of Sweet P's house building via Japanese fabrics and oh yes handwork too!
 What's with the blurry pictures?  Just from the excitement I guess!  Well done Paulette and your own framing too.
 Kitty potholders from a dog lover, hmm...
 This was a machine Embroidery class.
Yes, the monkeys are still finding there way into Quilt Club.
 Another example of what an Embroidery machine can do, another Christmas project completed.
 Diane also did this, a strip tube quilt which she configured for her needs and also completed with here own Machine quilting via here Embroidery machine, well done.
 OK, so my monkeys also made an appearance at Club, strictly for comedic purposes!
 Blurry pumpkin wall hanging which I embroidered by hand.
 This is a project that Natasha has refined for her quilty followers.  Take four panels, layer them exactly one on top of another sewing them together with a diagonal line in equal strips through out the square.  Cut the top three panels in between the sewn strips (don't cut the bottom one).

 The chenille effect is achieved once it has been washed and dried but make sure it is dried with something like a towel to cause friction to create the chenille look.  Please add the backing and border first though.

Well you'll have to wait another month for more ideas but you know it is worth the wait.