Wednesday, March 21, 2012

Sharon Pederson and her trunk show

A week ago the Victoria Quilt Guild welcomed Sharon Pederson as their guest speaker and what a great morning it was.  Her humor, her enthusiasm, her stories along with her trunk show made for a great meeting.  She just welcomed us into her life and had us hooked from hello!  We've had some pretty awful weather for quite awhile here and her story began with about how she just about didn't make it for her presentation.  With a tree literally falling on her car and glass covering her suitcase of quilts, then another brush with bad weather causing damage to the other vehicle well lets just say we were lucky she even made it at all.  I'm sure glad she did because she didn't disappoint and we are so proud to say she is from Vancouver Island.  And to top it off I have a picture of her signing her book for little ole me.
I hope some day my quilting skills improve enough for me to this book justice.  Until then I 'll just keep taking a peek at her signature to give me the inspiration to work towards that day.  So I'll quit the gabbing and show some of the photos from her trunk show (my camera phone is not the best) and please no drooling, it's not ladylike.

 If you would like to know more about Sharon go here and grab a cuppa joe and enjoy yourself.
On the quilting front I've been working on my Red and White quilt challenge and actually enjoying it so you know I'm due for a catastrophe soon because that's just the way I'm wired.  Hope you have a quilty day as I know I'll end up in front of my sewing machine sometime today but to keep my hubby happy I think we are going to look around for a couple of bookcases and probably stop at Four Mile House for wings for him and goat cheese and pear salad for me, yum, yum!