Monday, May 20, 2013

My Hubby Saves Two Quilts

These are two quilts my husband rescued a couple of days ago.  We have an area by our recyclables in our condo building for stuff that is deemed "too good to chuck but don't want to keep anymore".   He knew I would fall in love with them even if I hadn't "birthed" them myself and that is just what happened.
They both had labels but were removed so I hope that whoever made them knows that I will love them just as much as if they were my own.

Friday, May 17, 2013

Quilting is therapy

My hubby's two Aunts were visiting us for the past 11 days and while they were here we had a chance to revisit some great scenic areas of lower Vancouver Island.
Visiting Cathedral Grove is breath taking for the size of trees we cherish here on our piece of paradise.
 Port Alberni is stunning but can be stinking hot in the summer but we picked a great day to be there for a picnic.
 Butchart Garden is a must.
 The Coombs Country market is know for it's Goats on the roof and they are just plain cute!

 One of the Aunts is an avid quilter so it was a great excuse to visit as many quilt shops as possible and she did her best to add to the local quilting economy. 
Now that they have left I can finally get back to quilting and with a clean house and laundry done I will be doing just that.  Enjoy your weekend and may it involve some quilting and stitching therapy.