Wednesday, August 31, 2011

Pacific West Quilt Show

I've finally recovered from the Pacific West Quilt Show in Tacoma, Washington.  Many thanks to the Victoria Quilter's Guild who arranged the bus trip and kept us all on track.  Except for the little glitch at the border when you know who tried to get across with what she thought was an enhanced driver's licence.  Yes, me of course, but whew I made it.  (Passport in the making now).  Here are  the treasures I managed to secure and what fun it was.

Every quilt show I attend I'm more and more amazed at the talent displayed.  This one was no exception and I was in awe.  How do they do it? 
 For your enjoyment some of the quilts that caught my eye.

 Many hand appliqued quilts in the show.

 My colors for sure.

 This was a major winner and no need to ask why.
 The back

 I just love the colors in this quilt.

 Doesn't this just make you want to do a little hop, skip and jump?
 This is just me in front of what I call the Rickrack Quilt.  My Mom used Rickrack on everything when I was little.  Need I say more. No disrespect to the quilter who spent hours on the beauty.

 What little girl wouldn't fall in love with this quilt.  It says tea party all over.  Stunning.
 Done by a Calgary quilter. Front cover of a major quilt magazine.

 OK, so when I win the lottery I'm going to make a quick trip to Bernina.
Well folks I hope you enjoyed a little of what Tacoma had to offer.
Tacoma you put on a great show and I was very impressed with your friendliness and desire to make sure we all had fun.

Tuesday, August 23, 2011


Here are a few of my blocks from the class Hole-In-One with Bettye Sheppard on Sunday. 

Amazing how theses blocks are so different.  

And just a few more to do but oh what fun.

Hope your day is full of quilty fun and a good cup of coffee.   I guess that's what I'm looking forward to.

Monday, August 22, 2011

Winners and more winners

K for Kathy-I wished.
This is the talented lady who constructed this quilt.

I thought this "hen" was so cute with the felted eggs around her.

A satin necktie crazy patch wall hanging.

This is our Miriam aka Rogue Quilter and she won a ribbon with this Dr Seuss quilt

Another winning crazy patch wall hanging from the  Rogue

This is in the center of Miriam's wall hanging.  It is a Sashiko dragon 

This was done in silks and was quite subtle in it's coloring but very effective. 

Done in wool  by Natasha aka Joy of Quilting.  This has special meaning for her and done with a few tears I'm sure.

Another Natasha marvel.  I so love the fabric in this quilt.

Aren't these fun colors too?!
This past weekend was filled with .....quilting, of course.  The Cloth Castle had their annual Quilter's Along the Avenue quilt challenge and though I didn't have anything entered I thoroughly enjoyed those who did.  The theme was Crazy Patch quilts and I have quilt envy again.

The next day I was back at Cloth Castle to take a class with a great teacher, Bettye Sheppard.  We are lucky that the USA lets us borrow her for several months of the year.  Her quilting knowledge is extensive and we learnt so many quilty things.  Her class is called Hole-In -One and is a type of Stack 'N Wack.  
This is Bettye's Hole-In-One quilt,  lovin' the flowers.

What a great weekend, hope yours was as quiltaculer as mine was. 

Friday, August 19, 2011

Sunday, August 14, 2011

Coming Clean

I took a little trip up island to Naniamo to visit a quilt shop called Snip and Stitch who had their annual tent sale on yesterday.  There was a lot less fabric left because Sweet P - aka Paulette had been there ahead of me.  No, I don't NEED anything she said.  Well head over to her blog and find out what she didn't need   !

I needed to be a good girl because near the end of August I am going to the APWQ ( Association of Pacific West Quilters ) Show in Tacoma, Washington with the Victoria Quilt Guild so I must save my quilting money for that.

I did buy some fat quarters which ranged from $1.59 to $1.99 that will work well for my Farmer's Wife project and because I had a coupon for 30% off of reg priced items I found a GO! die and rack that was calling my name.  I didn't overspend but came home pleased with my finds.

My quilting buddy found this book while there and purchased it for me for an early birthday gift.  I was so pleased as I love Scrappy!  It is the  All Time Favorite Scrappy Quilts book from That Patchwork Place.  Lucky me.  What a fun day and to add to your fun there is a giveaway going on at "Sew Fun Quilts" so take a peek and see what you could win.

Have a great Sunday everyone.