Monday, September 21, 2015

Fall is here

We are well into September, actually there's not much left of it but today is a special day for my Mom because today is my Birthday.  Really, I was told after 4 boys when I came along there was much fan fare but I don't remember any of it of course though I enjoyed hearing the stories of all the excitement a little black haired girl brought.

Still very little quilting going on but I do an hour here or an hour there. I've decided to work on Celtic Solstice and this is my cutting from a couple of weeks ago and there're actually some blocks made now.
I had a request from my Mom to make her some bibs.  She lives in a Seniors Lodge and she has trouble with her hands now and therefore meal times are an ordeal.  So when we were back visiting her I constructed 6 bibs of enormous length at least it seemed like that to me but she wanted them to cover her lap also so they did double duty.
Yes, I'm working on the pull out of a computer table at my son's home and that surface bounced around for every stitch that machine made but I got them done, not a professional job but fortunately she's not fussy.  This is my Mom's old Kenmore and I use it whenever there is a sewing project and it works just grand, thanks Mom.  It's kept at my son's home where we stay whenever we're back in Lloydminster.

I've done some biking with friends when my shoulders and neck seem to be behaving themselves and have really enjoyed exploring different parts of our city, especially the coffee shops along the way.
I've no special plans today, maybe a lunch out and then we're going bike rack shopping for my birthday gift.  I want one for a single bike which I hope will be much lighter for me to attach to our vehicle.  Anything to save my shoulders these day it seems.

 Have a great day everyone.