Tuesday, February 16, 2016

New Wool Project

Back in the recesses of my mind and closet I found my next wool project.  Purchased quite awhile ago I knew that someday I would feel more capable of doing it justice than I did at that moment in time and yesterday was the day.  So here is a picture of getting it prepped and I might add that it took a fair bit of time.

 I subscribe to The Quilt Show and have for several years and if you are waffling on whether to spend your hard earned dollars on this Internet based program please don't, it's a wealth of useful  information and you are kept informed of what's new and happening in the quilt world.  I watched the latest episode and it featured a gal of many talents but one who loves her wool especially.  Her name is Anna Bates aka Woolie Mammoth which is her blog name and I gleamed some very useful information on how to prep my wool projects.  Between her shared knowledge and Paulette Doyle's which you may know as Sweet P Quilting I feel alot more confident as I embark on this new journey of wool...thanks gals I appreciate it immensely.
Have a wonderful Tuesday and I hope you are able to spend some of this day doing whatever makes your heart "sing".