Saturday, January 21, 2012


I have an obsession with the Twister and now it has become a sickness which I call Twisteritis.
Here is what 8 squares of fabric left over from a charm pack look like.  I knew there was a Twister something in there and not to let sleeping dogs lie....

This may be a Christmas charm pack but it's looking more like New Year's Twisteritis.
These cute little squares are being readied for action and believe me it was hard work.  I even had to kick off my shoes to get the job done. Ouch, more Twisteritis on the horizon.  Look out Pacific Blue Cross, I'll be making a health claim pretty soon.

Needing to satisfy my mug mat urge which comes over me not near as often as those awful hot flashes, I did a little something up for a Rogue and with the help of my Slice Fabrique it has a Valentine's feel.

I hope you all can spend a little time this weekend on your Quilty Pleasures but beware, there may be a strain of Twisteritis out there lurking in your future too.