Thursday, February 21, 2013

Newest Project

This is what I'm working on now for my MIL's 80th Birthday though it's late and won't be delivered until April I know she'll be happily surprised.
This is one of four blocks and each one will have a cute pieced sashing.  I will then add a wide border which should finish out at around 76'' by 76'' so a larger lap size.

My Heart Bargello quilt has also been started but will put that on the WIP list until this gift is finished so that's what is keeping me happy at the moment besides the crocuses that are in bloom now.

So whether the sun makes an appearance or not today I'll make time for my daily walk and maybe I can spy the hummingbirds that frequent the blooms that can be found along the Gorge Waterway.

Wednesday, February 6, 2013

Some club time.

February brought us all back together for Quilt Club at Cloth Castle and I have a few pictures to share with you from quilts, to knitting and a cute felted Teddy Bear so hope you enjoy the show and share.

 Hard to see but this is a knitted scarf with beads which had a bit of weight to it.

 Isn't this the cutest felted Teddy bear!
This is a close up of a knitted cowl which was very pretty on.
This is a cute quilt that Natasha introduced to us today which was made from a layer cake and look girls no calories, can't go wrong with that and in a Valentine's theme to boot.

Finalized my choices for the Heart Bargello class next week and they are a far cry from the pink and green I was leaning towards.
Well it looks great all folded up sew keep your fingers crossed I don't mess it up because there is always the Kathy factor.  My green tea is drank and time to catch some zzz's!

Sunday, February 3, 2013

February is gonna be busy....

Everything is back to business on the quilting classes front and whew I'm thinking it's gonna be a crock pot month and dust bunnies galore because this gal has got herself into a whole lotta fun!   I've finished up the two lap quilts my husband needed for a gift and just signed up for my first Hoop Sisters project,  take a peek here.
Isn't that stunning and I'm told for a newbie to this type of machine embroidery it's the bomb so I'll keep you posted on my progress.  The next class will be a Heart Bargello quilt  and this is another technique that is new to me and I will be doing it in batiks.
Have I bitten off more than I can chew err.. quilt, let's hope not because I'm pretty stoked to get onto some fun quilting.   
Did I mention I have a Mother-in Law's 80th Birthday quilt to make and my oldest grandson's Grade 12 graduation quilt to whip up while working on my Christmas Cafe machine embroidery quilt project, FWQS blocks and perhaps I can also squeeze in some knitting.  Hogwash you say, well I beg to differ because remember the Crockpot is on the counter and my Swiffer duster is at arms length so get ready to watch the fabric fly and the thread unwind because Gramma MacKie is ready to have some quilty fun.