Wednesday, October 12, 2011

Now that was Fun!

A friend and I took a class called the Mexican Star yesterday at one of our local quilt shops and we were lucky enough to be the only two students in the class.  You know you are going to get great one on one with that ratio.  We were even able to get the main top pieced, how thrilling.  Take a peek at our project.

When you manage to get this far in a class you know that it won't be one of those UFO projects that you rediscover five years later in the bottom of your closet hidden away in a plastic container.

Isn't this a nice bit of goodness that I received in the mail the other day.  Found these online at great prices and though I support my local quilt shops quite well sometimes I do succumb to the odd great sale out there in cyberspace.
The little craft iron will be flying with me when I visit my Grand daughters next week.  I think it will be just perfect for them when they help Grandma Quilt, don't you?

I never find quilt related item when I shop our local thrift shops until this little beauty showed up on their shelf about a week ago.  Check out the price for a new ruler-$1.00.  Yes, life is good. 

 So, off I go with coffee and computer in hand (my son from Vancouver hooked my computer up so I can now watch TV programs on it) to settle in for a day of quilting at home.


paulette said...

Many so much to report!! Love your quilt top!!! Looks difficult! Your loot is fantastic...drool...and YOUR RULER for $1...SCORE!! Love it!

Vicki said...

Wow - nice quilt top! - and in 1 day? I'm impressed. Who taught the course Kath? Your 'loot' looks delicious! Enjoy! V

Laura said...

wonderful quilt!

mblittle5 said...

Those 2 quilts are both gorgeous!!!

Jackie said...

Your class project is so pretty. They look the same but then again so different because of the fabric selections. Nice job!

Quilt Hollow said...

I just love that Mexican Stars pattern and your quilts are beauties!