Monday, June 13, 2011

Accuquilt Die Giveaway

If you would like a chance to win 3 dies from Accuquilt just go here and enter this giveaway.
Good luck to everyone!

Never hate Mondays

I love Mondays, yes I do, do, do and here is why.  I have this amazing quilt blogging buddy who thought of me when she was awarded with three new dies for her Accuquilt awhile back.  The Go team sent her duplicates and there she was with extras.  Well, you know quilters are great with sharing their goodness so she was able to keep the extras to give them away to another Go owner and guess what they also allowed her to giveaway three more dies.  That is where I come in and it didn't take me long to scan the Accuquilt site to pick out three new dies.  I still can't believe my luck and hope to be able to share some goodness in the near future.

My Go Family



I continue to make progress on my Farmer's Wife Sampler Quilt

This block is called Big Dipper and is the type of block one can do on a late Sunday night.
Yes, that is exactly when it was done.
As there is no maid in my house I am lucky enough to do the housecleaning and laundry so that's why I was quilting late into the evening.

 #7 is called Birds in the Air.
These blocks look rather wonky but they are Kathy perfect.  I'll let you think on that one.

This is #10 Bowtie and yes it is out of sequence but then so is my life.
I quilt the easier ones late in the day and attack the more compilcated when, well you know how it is.

I had a great Saturday evening at Cloth Castle participating in their Quilt Until You Wilt.  Now I know what goes on behind those closed doors on a Saturday.  I would share pictures but was told what goes on at Quilt Until You Wilt stays at Quilt Until You Wilt.  And boy I wanna go back so this chickie is playing by the rules.