Tuesday, October 23, 2012

Isn't She Wonderful-but she needs a name-Giveaway time.

I fell in love with her the first time I saw her and I knew we'd be BFF !  She was brought into Sawyers Sewing Center for a maintenance after this individual purchased her at an estate sale.  I was there when this gentlemen brought her in and well my heart skipped a beat, no, I probably had heart palpitations.   He intended to sell her on eBay after a quick tune-up but I knew I had to save her from that indignity. She's way too special for that and after a check-up and a new belt I made my offer and both parties came away extremely satisfied, mostly me.
So tomorrow I will take her for a little spin and we'll sew up a quilt block or two.  I must admit at one point today I had three sewing machines in my vehicle, a Bernina, Pfaff and this little Singer so I'm wondering do I need an intervention or what?  So here's the deal I think she needs a name so throw some out there and if I pick one of the names you suggest I 'll giveaway a charm pack but if there is a repeat name the one who made the first suggestion and I pick it wins the pack, so good luck.  I'm not sure how long to keep this giveaway open so let's say a week from now, Oct 30.  You don't have to follow just have some fun with this.  Life is a little crazy here so if this giveaway runs longer or shorter that's the way the Singer sews!