Thursday, January 21, 2016

Her name is...

It's all about the name today, some things were just meant to be and this was just like that.  A gal named Candy left a comment on my last post in reference to naming my new-to-me Singer 185.  She said that she was a beauty, which she is and that she'd call her Ivy.  Now that's a perfect name for her because my paternal Grandmother's name was Ivy.  Thanks for the your help Candy, your suggestion was bang on.
I've cut alot of scraps lately so there's alot of Tumbler and string quilts in my future and I'm also slowly making my way through Celtic Solstice.  
It's wet here in Victoria, BC to day but I have a date with three other quilty friends and are plans are to quilt the day away sew how much fun is that!