Saturday, September 17, 2011

AccuQuilt Two Tone Foam

This is new from AccuQuilt and makes our lives easier when cutting out our fabric on the AccuQuilt GO!  Check it out and let them know what you think.  I know I'm eager for anything that will make my quilting easier and quicker.

Two Tone Foam – An AccuQuilt Innovation
The efficient and accurate way to cut fabric with GO! Fabric Cutters just got even easier!  In response to customer feedback, the Tried & True die collection features two-tone foam, an AccuQuilt innovation, which makes it easy to see where shapes are on the die board.  No more need to mark your dies—dies are ready to use right out of the package. The shapes are easy to see making it easier to layer fabric over just the shapes you need to help you minimize fabric waste.  For more information, on the new Tried & True die collection, click on the below link.  In addition, download 22 Free Patterns simply by signing up for AccuQuilt emails.(Include link to your unique signup page)  You’ll also gain access to numerous patterns for all skill levels, ability to earn AccuQuilt Rewards Points, and the opportunity to participate in fun and inspirational sweepstakes and giveaways!