Monday, October 8, 2012

No Turkey Here

Hope everyone in Canada is enjoying their Thanksgiving and with it brings leftovers which means no cooking and more time to quilt.  Our leftovers are Prime Rib so hot roast beef sandwiches for Dinner tonight but followed with the quintessential pumpkin pie, yummy and you know what, Safeway makes a great pumpkin pie and for only $2.99!  Who knew!  Yes, it's very small but then do I need a large pie, not likely but yesterday when I went to grab the fat free Cool Whip out of the fridge to garnish the pumpkin pie I lift the lid and there is some penicillin growing on it.  So you know I don't use that hardly ever but if I burnt myself taking the roast out of the oven I could have smeared it on the burn.
I did take some time to work on a Christmas quilt though yesterday and it is a class I took this past week.  Simple technique using a panel and I swore no more panel because they are printed so wonky but I've decided not to let the imperfection bother me anymore.  You just have to go with it right and let the beauty of the panel outweigh the printed flaws.

I'm excited to have started on my Christmas quilt projects and this is an easy finish for Christmas, right.....

I'm off to play and will turn on my computer and listen to an audio book from our local library while I add the strips.  I was on the waiting list for Hunger Games and finally my name came up.  I have the movie but haven't watched it wanting to listen to the book first.  With the great weather we are experiencing there'll be a Nordixx walk thrown in the mix today sometime, so lets enjoy!