Friday, April 12, 2013

A Woolie Start

I have been working on a wool project and I'm starting to feel more comfortable with it.  Therefore I'm hoping this will one day
 look like this!
Last Saturday I spent, hold onto your hats, a whole whopping seven hours in Fabric Depot in Portland, Oregon while my hubby spent his second day at a West Coast Car Swap Meet.  When he said he was leaving me there for that length of time inside I was panicking thinking what will I do for that many hours even knowing it was a destination quilt shop.  But once I walked in the doors those Hallelujah  sounds in my head rang out.   I touched every piece (almost) of quilting fabric and let me tell you that was a whole lotta fondling.  The notion walls were abundant and the clearance area set my heart a flutter!  I could go on and on but I do know if I ever make it back to Fabric Depot I will never again worry about a seven hour shopping extravaganza.  So I'll show you a few things I bought and I don't have to worry about if the hubby know as he was right there when they rang up the bill as they have 20% off there already great prices and no state tax!  Booyah!  He has always supported this quilting adventure I'm on as I do his hobby.

 This is some Sulky thread I bought at Joann's in Longview, Washington for 40% off  (they do have state tax) and they had all the colors but you know how your mind goes blank when you are trying to remember what colors you need but after bringing them home I did not bad with them.
I hear the Bargello quilt calling my name and now that I'm almost through the third section I only have one more to go, then I have to add a border or two.  Hope you have a sweet weekend and by the way,  Washington and Oregon you are just beautiful states and we were treated with only the best hospitality, I know we'll visit you again.


Me and My Stitches said...

I have a bargello quilt that has one section complete. I think it's calling your name too - I can stick it in the mail! Lol! Sounds like a wonderful day of shopping!

paulette said...

Oh MY... SEVEN hours!! HEAVEN!! Would you believe last year I had ONE hour!! I was like a chicken with her head cut off...running here and there! Absolutely overwhelming!!
When the hour was up I gathered up all my bags and took my sweaty body out of there! I'm sure they were relieved!! What a place!! Did you check out the wool department?? I scored big time when I was there...
Love your wool project!! Is it from a book??