Monday, March 25, 2013

sicker than sick

It's been nine days with this cold and no end in sight but have worked on The Christmas Birds quilt so I felt like I have accomplished something.  I decided I could at least thread the embroidery machine and do some tidying up in the sewing room while it stitches away so went through some older patterns and such.  Things are a bit better organized and have completed all the designs we have been given through our Christmas Cafe class at The Cloth Castle so take a peek at my progress so far!
I'm getting closer to finishing the top of my MIL's birthday quilt so hope to have pictures to share on the next post.  Time for more hot water and lemon and hope your Monday is full of quilty goodness.


paulette said...

Oh no...poor Kathy!! That sounds awful!! I'm glad you have a project that you can do while you are on the mends! Hope you're feeling better soon!

Vicki Boschman said...

Get better Sharkey! Sorry to hear you have been unwell. Am sending healing energy to you now. Take care. V